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5 Tips to get rented without property management

No property management? Here are some tips to get your unit rented.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out our blog. Real Estate is our passion, and we love helping others with their investment properties. We thought we might lay out five tips to help you get your rental property rented out faster, even if you don’t have property management.

1. Super Clean – We find that rental properties rent much faster if they are clean. Make sure to focus on the kitchen and baths as this is often the place where it shows up the most. Some other things to make sure are ready to go are the windows. Usually, every room has one and windows are overlooked often.

2. Remove Personal Items – We have rented out tons of rentals in Redding and Anderson where the property owner haswoman-cleaning-a-window- frame left personal items behind. This always leaves the tenant with a bad taste in their mouth. Best to remove them all. The tenant is not interested in being responsible for items left behind in the rental home or apartment.

3. Repairs Done! As a landlord or a property management company, you want to have all the repairs done before showing if you can. Sometimes you must show a unit while it awaits repairs, but best if this can be avoided. When you view a rental, and there are repairs to be made, you may wonder if and when they will be made. If the house or apartment is ready to go the prospective tenant viewing the property knows what to expect.

4. Natural light – Anytime you are showing a property to a prospective tenant you should have the blinds open and some of the lights on. I always like to have the kitchen lights and the bathroom lights. This can help the person looking to have a stronger positive feeling about the home or apartment.

5. Be positive & sell the property. – Tell the person viewing the place about the best features of the property or neighborhood. Is the home or apartment near walking trails or shopping, if so mention it. Does the property have any special features? Pool, spa, extra storage or RV parking. Yes, well make sure you share that information as well. Renters want to feel connected and have options.

Think Positive by Authority Properties in redding


Renting houses in Redding, Anderson, and Cottonwood can be fun and rewarding. Follow these few simple tips, and you should have more success. Would you like to learn more about what will property management look like? If so, please reach out to us, and we will be glad to share the details with you.


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Posted by: aaronrobertson on August 17, 2015
Posted in: Residential Leasing