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Redding CA Rentals Types.

What type of housing styles can you find in Redding California

Hi there, my name is Aaron Robertson and I own and operate a company called Authority Property Management located in Redding California. We get asked pretty often what styles of housing we have here in Redding by people who are moving from out of the area.  So let’s take a few minutes to discuss the types and styles found here in Northern California.

Single-family homes

Redding, California is a great place to move your family too, as we have an overabundance of single family homes for rent. Additionally, you can find them from the smallest size to the largest of sizes to accommodate your family.  A small home might have only one bedroom & one bath and a larger home might have five bedrooms and three baths. We have them all. Traditionally, most single-family homes will have a yard and are more likely to accommodate a pet than say an apartment.


Typically most people are familiar with how apartments work. You could have as few as four units and as many as one hundred and fifty on the same property. Redding offers a large inventory of apartments and we have both small and large complexes.  Apartments are less likely to take a pet, but most often are a bit more lenient if your credit score has some opportunity. Another great benefit of apartments is often times, some of the utilities are covered in the rent. Water and trash, for example. Apartments can usually help you keep costs down.

Country Properties

These are more of a ranch style home. With a strong country feel and may be on acreage. They will allow much bigger animals and some may be set up for horses with barns and hay storage.  These are a great option if you like your privacy as usually there are larger distances between you and the neighbor.


Hopefully, now you have more of an idea the types and styles of properties offered for rent in Redding CA. Want to know how to rent a home or apartment we would be glad to help. Feel free to check out the links below to learn more.

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Posted by: aaronrobertson on November 20, 2015
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