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Rental Properties And Robot Vacuums

Rental Properties And Robot Vacuums, Do they work?

If there is one household task most people frown on, it has been the time-consuming task of vacuuming. In years past, this job consisted of carrying a cumbersome, bulky vacuum cleaner from room to room, where you constantly had to plug-unplug the machine. While this may have helped build up your muscles from carrying such a heavy appliance around the house, it often made it difficult to get the entire house cleaned in one day. But as we all know, technology has made its way into more and more aspects of our lives, and vacuum cleaners are no exception. As a result, we now have robotic vacuum cleaners in more and more of our homes, and they seem to be growing in popularity by the day. If you are busy with the kids, work, or both, here are some tips we want to share with you about the usefulness of a robot vacuum in your home.Robot Vacuume Rental Property (more…)

Garbage Disposal & How To Use

How to use Garbage Disposal in a rental home.

When we think of a garbage disposal, many mistaken beliefs come to mind. The most common is that no matter what type of trash we have in our hand, we should be able to drop it into the disposal, flip the magic switch, and have the disposal grind it up and send it to the great garbage can in the sky. However, even though a modern disposal is filled with much technology, this does not mean it’s indestructible. If you are the owner of rental property, you know all too well how some tenants can make life difficult when it comes to appliances. Therefore, we are glad to provide you and your tenants with a few tips on how to properly use a disposal.Kitchen Sink with garbage disposal


8 Property Management Blogs Every Landlord Should Be Reading.


Property Management Blogs, Landlords Need to Read!


When it comes to property management, we realize there are many issues to deal with each day. From making sure tenants pay their rent to going into a property after a tenant leaves and making it look like new, there are plenty of issues that can make property management a time-consuming process. However, thanks to the internet, there is more information than ever available to landlords wanting to know how to make property management as easy and profitable as possible. If you find yourself at a crossroads when it comes to getting the information you need to make sure properties are managed in an effective and efficient manner, here are eight property management blogs we believe every landlord should be reading.

Property Management Blogs - Authority Property Management

The Bigger Pockets Blog

Whether it’s information on real estate investing, personal finance, marketing strategies, or simply how to be a successful businessperson, The Bigger Pockets Blog has this and much more for your reading pleasure. One of the most common topics on this blog concerns tenant issues and how landlords should handle them, which is key to making a landlord’s job as easy as possible. In addition to this topic, we particularly like the emphasis on real estate investing, since a smart real estate pro is always on the lookout for the next great tip that will help them land a new property for their portfolio.

And along with its great articles, we also like its other features as well. For example, if you want to connect to otherlandlords or investors in your area, you can go to the Network section, where you can search from a member base of well over 1 million people. Along with this, you can also find real estate events in your area, search for local reputable contractors, browse videos and sign up for webinars, and even visit the blog’s store to purchase books on various real estate topics. (more…)

Renters Insurance and why it’s important.

The Importance Of Having Renters Insurance

While owning a home is still a very big part of the American dream, more people in today’s world are renting rather than buying. The reasons for this are numerous, such as wanting to save up enough money before purchasing a home, liking the flexibility to pick up and move quickly if needed, and other various reasons. However, one thing we’ve discovered along the way is that while over 95 percent of homeowners have insurance, less than 40 percent of renters choose to purchase insurance to protect themselves and their belongings. With home ownership in the U.S. at a 51-year low, we can’t stress enough the importance of having renters insurance. If you’re still on the fence and wondering why this type of insurance is important, here are seven benefits associated with renters insurance.

Additional Living Expenses Coverage 
One thing we have discovered over the years here in Redding and other areas is that when people are displaced from their rental property due to a natural disaster, fire, or other related reason, they often scramble to find another place to live. But for those who have renters insurance, this becomes a far easier process. Since renters insurance covers what are known as “additional living expenses,” it will provide reimbursement for hotel costs or renting another apartment.

Medical Expenses for Guests 
If a guest is injured while at your apartment, renters insurance will pay for the medical expenses up to the policy’s limit. To be safe, we recommend buying a policy that has a limit of between $1,000-$5,000, which is a typical range for these policies.

Damage Caused by Children 
Even if you have the most careful kids in your apartment, we know accidents are bound to happen. This is another advantage of having renters insurance since it offers liability insurance that covers various injuries or property damage caused by children or other family members. So if your child accidentally breaks a neighbor’s rare and expensive antiques, renters insurance will cover the costs.

Property Managment repair check list.


Legal Costs If You Get Sued 
In our opinion, we feel as if this is one of the most important benefits renters insurance provides. This kicks in if someone is injured at your apartment, or if you accidentally hurt someone are sued. If you have a policy, it will pay legal costs and court awards up to the policy’s limit. While you can choose the amount of liability insurance when you buy a policy, most limits on these policies begin at $100,000.

Dog Bites 
A common problem in many households, a dog bite issue can become a legal nightmare if you aren’t protected by insurance. Therefore, we highly recommend all renters in Redding purchase renters insurance that offers coverage in the event your dog bites someone at your home or off your property. However, when purchasing a policy, be sure to carefully check the fine print, since some policies limit coverage or even exclude this aspect of coverage. Renters insurance can help if your dog bites someone while you are renting.

Coverage of Possessions 
Even if you don’t feel the stuff you own is worth very much, we still believe you should purchase renters insurance. After all, even if you have to replace your wardrobe, some electronics, or furniture, the costs can add up very quickly. However, if you purchase renters insurance, you’ll have coverage for anything that is considered to be “in your possession.” By that, the policy means not only any property you own but also any you have borrowed or rented.

Off-Premises Coverage 
While most people realize renters insurance covers things actually inside their home, we’ve found the vast majority of renters don’t realize these policies also provide what is known as “off-premises” coverage. With this aspect of a policy, personal belongings that are not in your home are covered to a certain extent, which is usually limited to a percentage of total coverage for personal belongings, which is often 10 percent. Therefore, if you leave something in your car and a thief later breaks into your vehicle and steals it, or if you are staying in a hotel and have your luggage or other items stolen, you’ll have insurance coverage already in place.

How to Shop for Coverage 
Once you decide to purchase renters insurance, we have a few suggestions you should follow. First, decide how much coverage you need before examining policies. Next, purchase enough insurance to cover your belongings, and also make sure your liability limit is high enough to protect your property and savings in the event you get sued. Finally, make sure you get quotes from multiple insurance companies. By doing so, you may find you’ll be eligible for a substantial discount, especially if you purchase renters insurance through the same company with whom you have car insurance. By thinking things through, you’ll have peace of mind while renting in Redding.

Why The Cheapest Property Manager Is A Bad Fit

Budget Property Managers are no good for you.

Cheapest Property Manager & Bad Service


As a real estate investor, I want to get the most out of my investment. No matter what type of property I’m purchasing, I want to make sure I can do everything possible to make it a profitable one for many years to come. One of the best ways I can make sure this occurs is to hire a reputable property manager. However, when choosing a property manager, I’ve always found it best to not make a choice solely on price alone. While it’s always nice to have a property manager who will not charge me high prices each month to do an excellent job, making a choice on price alone will be a decision I’ll come to regret each and every time. To learn more about why the cheapest property manager is usually a bad fit, here are some suggestions based on my experiences through the years.


10 Tips For Getting Your Redding Rental Property Ready For Spring

While we’re tired of having the winter blues, don’t fret. Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes not only warm and sunny days, but also plenty of people shaking off the winter doldrums while searching for the perfect Redding rental property to call home. And because we happen to manage rental properties, we’ve got plenty of work ahead of us before flowers start blooming and potential tenants come knocking. And in our eagerness to rent out each property we manage, we’ll grab our paint brushes, brooms, and other handy-dandy gadgets, because here are 10 of the best tips we’ll find anywhere for getting our Redding rentals ready for spring. (more…)

Who Are the Best Property Managers in Redding, CA.

Best Property Managers Redding CA.

Who Are The Best Property Managers in Redding, CA?   (Reviews/Ratings)

Updated 10/10/2018

Each Year, we, Authority Property management are invited to over 100 homes in Redding, CA. and surrounding area with regards to property owners & their Property Management needs.

Once in a while, we are asked: Who are the best property managers in Redding, CA? “if not your company then who.”   Now I have to be honest the first time I was asked the question it sent me for a loop, but on my drive home I thought, now that is a reasonable question. Trusting a property manager is a big deal. I don’t want to have my property destroyed. Why not answer and put it out there. (more…)

Schedule Showings For Properties

Schedule Showings & Viewing The Inside of  Properties

Searching for the perfect rental property can be an interesting adventure. Part of the fun is viewing the inside of each home. Unfortunately, scheduling a showing can be a difficult matter at times. Every property management is different when it comes to scheduling a viewing, for example, we do not require you to apply for the home before viewing. Authority Property Management has a great service that caters to those looking to view our properties.

Multiple Ways to Schedule Showing

Authority Property Management offers many different ways to schedule showings of our listed rental properties. One of them includes to directly schedule a showing from our website With this option, you have the liberty to pick a day and time that works best for you. Another option is to call our office. We always have someone available to schedule a showing of the property you desire to view.

If you are interested in viewing one of our rental properties but you’re out of town or living in a different state, don’t worry we have the perfect solution! Located on our vacancy page we have included virtual walk-through’s of most of our properties. You will notice that Authority Property Management is the only property management company in Redding that offers this to our costumers.

Personal Field Representative

When scheduling a showing with us you will not be alone. We have a field representative that will let you into each home. He will also share vital information about the property you are viewing. If you have questions while walking through the property our field representative is there to answer any questions you may have.

Due to limited time and the high volume of renters in Redding we prefer to do group showings. We know that this sometimes can feel overwhelming, but we ensure to you that our field representative will be personal and easy to connect with during the showing. With that in mind, not all showings will be group events. While viewing our properties, please feel free to take your time and thoroughly look at the property while you are there.

Authority Property Management understands the importance of viewing properties. Scheduling a showing should be the least of your worries. You will always be provided great customer service with communication and our consistency of being on time and attentive at each showing scheduled.

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Breaking Rental Lease

How to Correctly Break Your Rental Lease

The moving process is never fun, especially when it involves breaking a rental lease. Altering a rental lease accurately will make it easier for both you as the renter and us as the rentees. It doesn’t have to be a messy, or difficult process. Let’s take some time to go over how to correctly break your rental lease.

Taking responsibility is important.

  Tenants are responsible for the rent until the end of the lease. Or until another tenant is found and begins paying rent.  Another responsibility includes the fee to advertise and refill the property. The fee amount is one half of the monthly rent payment. It is important to us that tenants know their rights to request and be present at an initial inspection. The purpose of this is to allow the opportunity to remedy any deficiencies in a timely manner. This will be helpful to minimize or avoid deductions from the security deposit. Communicating and obtaining given responsibilities appropriately, ensures a favorable outcome for correctly breaking a rental lease.

Communication is key.

It is vital that we know your plans for vacating the property. With communicating prior to moving out, we can work with the tenant to fill the propertCommunication with your property manager. y with new tenants. We will begin the marketing process for the rental home as soon as the tenant communicates their desire to vacate the property.  Authority Property Management takes action quickly to arrange appointments for prospective tenants to view the home. Keep in mind the more showings allowed, the greater the possibility of renting it out quickly.

After giving your notice to break a rental lease, there is still room to revoke or modify the move-out date. To do this, the first contributing factor would be to contact us. We would then work on the approval of the change. If the property is already re-rented, it will be difficult or impossible to grant the request. Whether the decision is to keep the desired date to break a rental lease or revoke it, Authority Property Management is here to help with great customer service.

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Rental Approval Next Steps

Rental Approval whats the next steps!         Rental approval stamp

Congratulations, the rental approval process has begun! After all the waiting and hoping the home is finally yours. Here is what happens next, just take five! That is five steps, of course.

These five rental steps will provide insight and knowledge to ensure your move-in day goes as smoothly as possible. Here, at Authority Property Management we hope to give you the best rental experience starting from the application process all the way to the day you hand us keys for your move out.

Step 1: As soon as you receive our phone call letting you know of your approval of the desired rental property, one of the first things we will mention to you is joining our Online Tenant Portal. The Portal will be one of your most helpful tools while renting with us. You may be asking yourself why it would be helpful, I will explain more about the Portal later on.

Step 2: Shortly after we discuss the online portal, we will then move on to communicating with you about the deposit and the holding deposit form. This form and the deposit money secure the rental property to your name. It is removed from our advertising and also keeps you accountable for leasing the property. For as much as it commits you to the property, it also keeps us liable to you. We, as a company, can no longer seek to find future tenants for the property. We are committed to you for the particular property. One of the most common errors we see here is when future tenants get the holding deposit form and the lease mixed up. Although the form does close the deal, the lease provides greater in-depth information about obtaining the property.

Step 3: A very important part of renting a home with us is transferring the utilities in your name. We take care of the hard work for you by finding the utility providers for the home and supplying the number to call, all you have to do is simply make the phone call and “WALLA” it is complete. By transferring the utilities in your name you are promised to not walk into a cold and dark home.

Step 4: Let’s take a look back at Step 1, and discuss what all the Online Tenant Portal in tells. You can access the portal by visiting our website – Located at the top bar you will notice a box entitled Tenants, here is where you will find access to the portal. Once on the portal, you will notice four sections which include, Your Current Balance, Your Lease Agreement, Address, and Maintenance request. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the portal. It is a very helpful tool that can assist in many ways if there happens to be a time that we are unable to get a hold of.

Step 5: Stay true to your move-in date. It is very important that we receive an accurate move in date so we can prepare and be ready for you to pick up your keys. We strive to be as helpful as possible while assisting you with excellence. When we receive a secured move in date we are busy behind the scenes making sure to have your future home ready for your arrival.

Now that you have been informed of our – five-step rental approval process, you will be pleasantly surprised with how well your move-in process will become! If you ever have any further questions regarding your move-in process we will be here, ready to assist you.

Happy  Rental Approval Day!

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