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Property Managers – 10 Reasons Why

Property Managers: 10 Reasons To Have One

When investors expand their property management portfolios, one of the most important aspects is finding a great property management team with whom to work. Thus, when we are speaking with potential clients, we know the pressure is on to give them a variety of reasons why they need our services. Of course, we can always talk about how partnering with us will keep them from being awakened in the middle of the night to go fix a resident’s overflowing toilet. While this is certainly a perk, it may not be enough for us to make the final sale during our presentation. Therefore, when making a pitch to potential clients, we have plenty of other great reasons from which to choose. If you are curious as to what they are, here are 10 of the best reasons why it’s great to have an excellent property manager looking after your homes.

Saving Money on Contractors
If there is one thing real estate investors hate, it is wasting money on contractors who turn out to be unlicensed or simply inept at their job, which usually results in small problems becoming much bigger ones. However, as we tell potential clients, partnering with a reputable property management firm can eliminate this problem. Instead, clients can have us vet potential contractors to ensure they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Combining this with excellent on-site maintenance staff and supervisors, the result is less hassle, happier residents, and fewer high-priced Bad - Good Rental Applicantemergency repair bills.

Increased Revenue
For any real estate investor, increased revenue is music to their ears. We understand this, which is why we emphasize our ability to thoroughly screen potential residents. By using state-of-the-art technology, we can easily spot red flags on applications, which in turn will help identify those applicants who are most likely to pay their rent on time and pose few if any problems regarding property damage.

Avoiding Legal Problems
For real estate investors, legal problems with residents or potential residents can be time-consuming and expensive. In fact, a recent TransUnion survey showed it costs the average landlord almost $2,000 to evict a resident. Rather than be saddled with this problem, we point out it is far more efficient and cost-effective to partner with us and our property management services. By doing so, investors can have managers for their properties who understand landlord-tenant laws, especially in areas involving discrimination, eviction processes, and safety rules and regulations.

Higher Occupancy Numbers
When a property is vacated, landlords want it filled again as quickly as possible. We understand this, which is why we can offer a variety of marketing strategies that will ensure not only that the vacancies are filled quickly, but are done so by residents who will be long-term, resulting in investors having a high return on their investment.

Higher Retention Rates
Just as we know it is important to give our clients high occupancy numbers, we know it is equally as important that their properties also have high retention rates. After all, it does little good to fill a vacancy, only to have the resident leave a month or two later. In our experiences, the best way to maintain high retention rates is to create an atmosphere where residents are happy where they live. To accomplish this, we ensure a safe and attractive community is maintained, management has excellent relationships with residents, and much more.

Simplified Accounting
While we leave the in-depth aspects of accounting to a client’s CPA, we do offer various services that can greatly simplify the accounting and oversight process. These can include information about tax deductions and investment opportunities, as well as owner portals that include on-demand statements and reports regarding income, expenses, and maintenance requests. By keeping owners informed, there are fewer chances for mistakes and oversights to occur.

Rent Collection Process
Since homeowners have plenty to do besides chasing down tenants to collect rent, we make sure this process is made as simple as possible. Along with establishing and enforcing payment guidelines, we can also set up portals allowing tenants to make online rent payments, making the collection process easy and efficient for all parties.

Freedom to Pursue Other Interests
With many real estate investors, their goal is to generate enough income to enjoy an active retirement. This can include traveling the world, spending more time with family and friends, working on their golf game, or pursuing other interests and hobbies. By partnering with us, they can do all this and more, since they will be guaranteed of having skilled professionals at the helm who will manage their property as if they were their very own. By putting their trust in us and our staff, investors can gain not only the freedom they desire but also peace of mind.

Increased Property Values
When an investor purchases property, the last thing they want is to see the values of their properties decline due to poor maintenance and other aspects that can factor into this area. To make sure this does not happen, property owners need to partner with a property management firm that can suggest and help initiate a variety of programs, including annual preventative maintenance inspections, policies for repairing or replacing appliances, and ways to initiate property upgrades. We can do this and much more since we constantly stay in touch with homeowners about steps they can take to ensure their properties maintain the highest possible values.


Authority Property Managemet Redding, CA.

Stress Reduction
Perhaps most of all, partnering with a reputable, experienced, and knowledgeable property management firm such as ours can greatly reduce the stress many investors deal with on a daily basis regarding their properties. While there will always be a problem or two along the way for any landlord, working with us can ensure the problems they experience are few and far between. From making it easy for tenants to pay rent, having maintenance personnel available to handle those late-night emergencies, and much more, our property management services can give investors the peace of mind they need and deserve.




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Best and Worst Pets for Apartments

Pets & Apartments & You.


Now that you have decided to bring in a new pet family friend, congratulations are in order! However, having a pet is a big, but fun, responsibility, especially if you are living in a city apartment. That said, ensuring that your pet is compatible with your lifestyle is critical to finding the right one for you. While all pets are unique, a few tend to work well in apartments – others don’t. Below is a carefully drafted list of apartment friendly and unfriendly pets to help you find that ultimate pet friend for life.Cat and Dog Apartment

The Best


94.2 million people in America would rather keep cats, compared to 89.7 million dog owners, and they make the perfect apartment pets. As long as their owners are dedicated to proBest and worst pet apartments viding play and exercise opportunities, cats don’t require walking outside. In addition, they are creative in making good use of vertical spaces, including your window sills, shelving, and furniture.

No matter how small your apartment is, it is large enough for a cat, when you install furnishings that provide it with plenty of vertical space. Just like humans, cats are also happy been left alone and ruling over their space.

Small dogs

If you are more of a dog person, small dogs like Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can flourish in apartments. However, some bigger dogs like Greyhounds can live well in apartments, and they are considered the dog’s world couch potatoes. These big dogs do require regular exercises all through the day to stretch their legs.

No matter the size of your dog, it’s critical that you have an apartment with easy access to a yard for activity and socializing. Fortunately, an online resource like this site offers a great choice of apartments for dogs. The yard helps foster long-term relationships while lowering stress levels in your furry friend.

Some reptiles

Some of the best apartment-friendly reptiles are the Kingsnake, Milk Snake, and Garter Snake. Other reptiles like turtles and tortoises are less intimidating than snakes and very social. However, you should be aware that some reptiles could reach intimating adult sizes. Furthermore, the requirements of an adult-sized reptile change so it is best you are aware to prevent unwanted future surprises.

The Worst

Big birds

Best and worst pet apartments Bigger birds like macaws and parrots are intelligent and prefer constant interaction with similarly sized birds. They are also noisy and require advanced care that can be expensive, but they can be a family member for more than 50 years. Due to their ear-splitting squawks, neighbors can complain and landlords usually side with them, even when birds are permitted.

Ferrets and sugar gliders

Ferrets are extremely cute and photogenic, but they also require a copious amount of space and plenty of it. In addition, they are very active and love to run and burrow. The same applies to sugar gliders who also require a companion or they become depressed and suffer health issues.

Creepers and crawlers

Critters such as Emperor Scorpions, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, African Centipedes, and Tarantulas can stay in small enclosures and require simple care. However, such pets require live food, meaning that you need to have a supply of insect delicacies like mealworms and crickets. A bigger downside to keeping them as pets is the risk of a sting or bite.


While apartment living brings you a set of advantages, for pet lovers, the downside is that they cannot keep some pets because they are too noisy, too large, too active or just unsuitable for apartment living. The list above can act as a starting guide to finding a pet that will flourish in an apartment.



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Redding CA, Property Manager search

Searching For A Great Property Manager? Follow These Tips!

When you have a vacancy at your property, you naturally have a screening process in place to find the right tenant. However, when it comes to finding a great property manager, many people fail to be thorough in their search process, and that is one mistake you definitely don’t want to make.Redding Property Management Google Search

Whether it’s making sure they have the proper background in terms of experience, solid references, or the necessary licensing and certification, these and other factors play a big part in making sure the firm you select to manage your rental properties will be the best of the best. Therefore, if you’re in the market for a great manager for your property, here are some of the best tips we recommend you use during your search.


Senate Bill No. 969 Garage Door opener

Senate Bill No. 969 Automatic Garage Door Openers And Battery Backup

As many people can attest, a garage door that will not open due to a loss of electrical power can be a nuisance. However, while not being able to get a vehicle in or out of the area can be frustrating, it can also create a safety hazard if an emergency occurs. Because of this possibility, state legislators in California have been pushing to have regulations surrounding garage door openers changed, and the result is the recently passed SB-969, which now requires that an automatic garage door opener which is manufSenate Bill No. 969 Garage Door with Back up Batteryactured for sale, is sold, offered for sale, or installed in a residence have a battery backup which will automatically operate should there be an electrical outage.

Slated to take effect July 1, 2019, this bill could have a number of ramifications for owners of rental property. Because of this, here are some of the most important details of the bill, including penalties for noncompliance, that California property owners and landlords should keep in mind. (more…)

Expert Installed Blinds & Your Rental Property

Reasons for using an expert for window coverings in your rental properties go way beyond price alone.


Huge Thank you to our friend Jerry Bay over at Budget Blinds shares his thoughts and tips on professionally installed blinds for your rental property.

The first thing that comes to mind is child safety. According to the United States Consumer Safety Commission, from 2012 to 2017, there have been 50 fatalities reported to CPSC that were related to window cord strangulation among infants and young children.

As window covering professionals, we know that attaching cord hold downs and cord cleats are the utmost of importance to both your liability as well as ours, CPSC recommends that you replace corded window coverings with cordless ones to prevent this deadly hazard.Window with blinds.

If you are unable to switch to cordless window coverings, follow these safety tips:

  • Educate your tenants to keep cribs, beds, furniture, and toys away from windows and window cords, preferably to another wall.
  • Make sure that tasseled pull cords are as short as possible.
  • Keep all window cords well out of the reach of children. Eliminate any dangling cords.
  • Check that cord stops are properly installed and adjusted to limit the movement of inner lift cords.
  • Continuous-loop cords on draperies and vertical blinds should be permanently anchored to the floor or wall.

After December 15, 2018, products that consumers can pick up in a retail store or order online as ready-made will not contain hazardous cords if the product is compliant with the ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2018 standard. Consumers should look for window coverings that comply with the new voluntary standard.


Quality Window coverings with a strong manufacture warranty will ensure you are not replacing bent up or broken blinds and shades every time a tenant moves out. Our warranty even covers products when damaged by the consumer due to neglect or abuse. This saves you time and money when unforeseen issues arise.


All window coverings fit differently from product to product and vendor to vendor. Professional consultants expertly measure your windows to ensure your window coverings are fabricated and installed to the best fit and finish possible. Additionally, professionally trained installers work to higher standards than the average “handyman.”

If myself or someone in our office can answer any questions for you. Please give us a call at


Jerry Bay  Jerry Bay Budget Blinds Redding CA.


Budget Blinds of Redding.





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Rental Properties And Robot Vacuums

Rental Properties And Robot Vacuums, Do they work?

If there is one household task most people frown on, it has been the time-consuming task of vacuuming. In years past, this job consisted of carrying a cumbersome, bulky vacuum cleaner from room to room, where you constantly had to plug-unplug the machine. While this may have helped build up your muscles from carrying such a heavy appliance around the house, it often made it difficult to get the entire house cleaned in one day. But as we all know, technology has made its way into more and more aspects of our lives, and vacuum cleaners are no exception. As a result, we now have robotic vacuum cleaners in more and more of our homes, and they seem to be growing in popularity by the day. If you are busy with the kids, work, or both, here are some tips we want to share with you about the usefulness of a robot vacuum in your home.Robot Vacuume Rental Property (more…)

Garbage Disposal & How To Use

How to use Garbage Disposal in a rental home.

When we think of a garbage disposal, many mistaken beliefs come to mind. The most common is that no matter what type of trash we have in our hand, we should be able to drop it into the disposal, flip the magic switch, and have the disposal grind it up and send it to the great garbage can in the sky. However, even though a modern disposal is filled with much technology, this does not mean it’s indestructible. If you are the owner of rental property, you know all too well how some tenants can make life difficult when it comes to appliances. Therefore, we are glad to provide you and your tenants with a few tips on how to properly use a disposal.Kitchen Sink with garbage disposal


8 Property Management Blogs Every Landlord Should Be Reading.


Property Management Blogs, Landlords Need to Read!


When it comes to property management, we realize there are many issues to deal with each day. From making sure tenants pay their rent to go into a property after a tenant leaves and making it look like new, there are plenty of issues that can make property management a time-consuming process. However, thanks to the internet, there is more information than ever available to landlords wanting to know how to make property management as easy and profitable as possible. If you find yourself at a crossroads when it comes to getting the information you need to make sure properties are managed in an effective and efficient manner, here are eight property management blogs we believe every landlord should be reading.

Property Management Blogs - Authority Property Management

The Bigger Pockets Blog

Whether it’s information on real estate investing, personal finance, marketing strategies, or simply how to be a successful businessperson, The Bigger Pockets Blog has this and much more for your reading pleasure. One of the most common topics on this blog concerns tenant issues and how landlords should handle them, which is key to making a landlord’s job as easy as possible. In addition to this topic, we particularly like the emphasis on real estate investing, since a smart real estate pro is always on the lookout for the next great tip that will help them land a new property for their portfolio.

And along with its great articles, we also like its other features as well. For example, if you want to connect to other landlords or investors in your area, you can go to the Network section, where you can search from a member base of well over 1 million people. Along with this, you can also find real estate events in your area, search for local reputable contractors, browse videos and sign up for webinars, and even visit the blog’s store to purchase books on various real estate topics. (more…)

Renters Insurance and why it’s important.

The Importance Of Having Renters Insurance

While owning a home is still a very big part of the American dream, more people in today’s world are renting rather than buying. The reasons for this are numerous, such as wanting to save up enough money before purchasing a home, liking the flexibility to pick up and move quickly if needed, and other various reasons. However, one thing we’ve discovered along the way is that while over 95 percent of homeowners have insurance, less than 40 percent of renters choose to purchase insurance to protect themselves and their belongings. With home ownership in the U.S. at a 51-year low, we can’t stress enough the importance of having renters insurance. If you’re still on the fence and wondering why this type of insurance is important, here are seven benefits associated with renters insurance.

Additional Living Expenses Coverage 
One thing we have discovered over the years here in Redding and other areas is that when people are displaced from their rental property due to a natural disaster, fire, or other related reason, they often scramble to find another place to live. But for those who have renters insurance, this becomes a far easier process. Since renters insurance covers what are known as “additional living expenses,” it will provide reimbursement for hotel costs or renting another apartment.

Medical Expenses for Guests 
If a guest is injured while at your apartment, renters insurance will pay for the medical expenses up to the policy’s limit. To be safe, we recommend buying a policy that has a limit of between $1,000-$5,000, which is a typical range for these policies.

Damage Caused by Children 
Even if you have the most careful kids in your apartment, we know accidents are bound to happen. This is another advantage of having renters insurance since it offers liability insurance that covers various injuries or property damage caused by children or other family members. So if your child accidentally breaks a neighbor’s rare and expensive antiques, renters insurance will cover the costs.

Property Managment repair check list.


Legal Costs If You Get Sued 
In our opinion, we feel as if this is one of the most important benefits renters insurance provides. This kicks in if someone is injured at your apartment, or if you accidentally hurt someone are sued. If you have a policy, it will pay legal costs and court awards up to the policy’s limit. While you can choose the amount of liability insurance when you buy a policy, most limits on these policies begin at $100,000.

Dog Bites 
A common problem in many households, a dog bite issue can become a legal nightmare if you aren’t protected by insurance. Therefore, we highly recommend all renters in Redding purchase renters insurance that offers coverage in the event your dog bites someone at your home or off your property. However, when purchasing a policy, be sure to carefully check the fine print, since some policies limit coverage or even exclude this aspect of coverage. Renters insurance can help if your dog bites someone while you are renting.

Coverage of Possessions 
Even if you don’t feel the stuff you own is worth very much, we still believe you should purchase renters insurance. After all, even if you have to replace your wardrobe, some electronics, or furniture, the costs can add up very quickly. However, if you purchase renters insurance, you’ll have coverage for anything that is considered to be “in your possession.” By that, the policy means not only any property you own but also any you have borrowed or rented.

Off-Premises Coverage 
While most people realize renters insurance covers things actually inside their home, we’ve found the vast majority of renters don’t realize these policies also provide what is known as “off-premises” coverage. With this aspect of a policy, personal belongings that are not in your home are covered to a certain extent, which is usually limited to a percentage of total coverage for personal belongings, which is often 10 percent. Therefore, if you leave something in your car and a thief later breaks into your vehicle and steals it, or if you are staying in a hotel and have your luggage or other items stolen, you’ll have insurance coverage already in place.

How to Shop for Coverage 
Once you decide to purchase renters insurance, we have a few suggestions you should follow. First, decide how much coverage you need before examining policies. Next, purchase enough insurance to cover your belongings, and also make sure your liability limit is high enough to protect your property and savings in the event you get sued. Finally, make sure you get quotes from multiple insurance companies. By doing so, you may find you’ll be eligible for a substantial discount, especially if you purchase renters insurance through the same company with whom you have car insurance. By thinking things through, you’ll have peace of mind while renting in Redding.

Why The Cheapest Property Manager Is A Bad Fit

Budget Property Managers are no good for you.

Cheapest Property Manager & Bad Service


As a real estate investor, I want to get the most out of my investment. No matter what type of property I’m purchasing, I want to make sure I can do everything possible to make it a profitable one for many years to come. One of the best ways I can make sure this occurs is to hire a reputable property manager. However, when choosing a property manager, I’ve always found it best to not make a choice solely on price alone. While it’s always nice to have a property manager who will not charge me high prices each month to do an excellent job, making a choice on price alone will be a decision I’ll come to regret every time. To learn more about why the cheapest property manager is usually a bad fit, here are some suggestions based on my experiences over the years.


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