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Renters and HVAC Filters 

What Should Renters Worry About HVAC Filters?

Renters and HVAC Filters are a great topic. One of the biggest advantages of living in a rental property is that there are very few maintenance responsibilities if any. It can be a somewhat carefree lifestyle if you aren’t quite ready to establish roots yet and take on the responsibilities of homeownership. But, it’s still your home, right?

And, you always take care of your home. Of course, you’ll do everything possible to make sure that it’s a safe haven for you and your family. You’ll keep everything clean and tidy, be a good neighbor, pay the bills on time, and do everything else that goes along with being a good tenant. Even though you’re a renter with a lease, you’ll still treat your rental like it’s your own home.Renters and HVAC Filters 

You also probably spent a lot of time searching for your home, making sure that it would suit your needs, was affordable, and in a safe location. But, there are still a few other things that you can do to make it safer and even a little more affordable now that you live there.

Checking Your HVAC Unit.

Making sure that your HVAC filters are changed regularly is one thing that you always want to make sure is taken care of. They should be changed out at least every month or two. Your lease might even require you to maintain the filters. But, if it’s not in your lease, and your landlord isn’t on top of taking care of the filters, here are some really good reasons why you should still change the filters on your own.

You’ll Save Money on Utilities With Clean Air Filters

Your HVAC system is what keeps your home comfortable in each different season of the year. It’s a balance of air conditioning, heating, and ventilation, all working together efficiently. A big part of maintaining that efficiency is having a clean air filter.

The ventilation system is moving a lot of air throughout your home to operate effectively, pulling air into the ducts and pushing heated or cooled air out into your home. The filter keeps the allergens, dust, and other pollutants that are in the air from getting inside of the internal components of the furnace or air conditioner.

If the filters are dirty and clogged, those pollutants will start to build on the interior of the entire system, cause damage to all of those moving parts and blocking the airflow that’s vital for efficiency. Without the required air flow, the air conditioner and furnace will kick on more often and run for a shorter period of time, trying to maintain the desired temperature. And, all of that extra activity will increase the amount of energy that is being used. The combination of all of that inefficiency will result in higher utility bills.

You Won’t Be as Comfortable With Dirty Air Filters

Not only will dirty air filters increase your utility bills because the system is working so much harder, but your home still won’t be at a comfortable temperature. An efficient heating and cooling system is dependent on adequate air flow.

If the filters are dirty, the heating and cooling system won’t be able to get enough air circulation to perform at their best. Even though they are working harder to get the air that they need to operate, they won’t be able to generate enough air to adequately do their job. When the filters aren’t working effectively, your home won’t be as cool or as warm as you would like it.

The HVAC System Could Shut Down

If the filters aren’t changed on a regular basis, all of that gunk from the air that’s inside of the system will start to affect its operational performance. As more and more pollutants settle, things will start to malfunction. And, as the problems get worse, the system could eventually just shut down, leaving you without heating or air conditioning.

Even though you don’t own the system and aren’t responsible for the cost of any repairs, you are the one who will be inconvenienced the most if it fails to operate properly. And, nobody wants to struggle through a hot summer day without air conditioning. Keeping the filters fresh is the easiest way to make sure that everything stays up and running.

It’s Better for Your Health

One great thing about having a ventilation system with a clean filter is that it makes the air in your home much cleaner and safer. You really can’t take any chances these days, especially with the air that you breathe. There are so many germs, bacteria, and other contaminants in the air that clean filters can eliminate in your home. And, allergy suffers can realize the benefits of having clean filters getting rid of some of those allergens that are in the air.

Mold and Mildew

Another hazard caused by having dirty air filters is the potential for mold and mildew growth. An old, dirty filter lets polluted air get into the ducts where it will start to settle and accumulate. Then, it will start to get damp with the temperature changes, and that’s exactly the environment that mold needs to grow.

As the mold grows inside of the ducts, it will release spores that will be carried back out into your breathing environment. You’ll both be inhaling them and they’ll be landing on surfaces inside of your home. If they find moisture, the spores will start to grow into more mold.

The health issues commonly associated with having mold growing inside of your home is definitely not something that you want to deal with. Keeping your filters clean and changed out every few weeks will greatly reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth inside of your ducts.

Your Home Won’t Be as Clean With Dirty Air Filters

Proper air ventilation in your home not only keeps the air cleaner, but it also keeps furniture and other surfaces cleaner as well. The dust and dirt that you are constantly cleaning falls from the air, where it settles wherever it lands. A properly running ventilation system can eliminate a lot of that dust.Renters and HVAC Filters 

An efficiently running system will keep the air moving, quickly filtering the air, getting pollutants and other contaminants out of it. So, if your filters are clean, there will be less dust that can fall, making it easier to keep the interior surfaces of your home cleaner.

Making sure that your air filters are clean in your rental is just the smart thing to do. And, changing them is a really simple process. The size of the filter is printed on the side of it, so it’s easy to get the right size. The location of the filter is easy to find and it slides right into its own compartment. There are different grades of filters to choose from and some are specially designed to get rid of certain allergens and other pollutants. You can even buy them online and have them delivered. You’ll be improving your health and your bank account at the same time by making sure that your air filters are changed out on a regular basis.

Renters and HVAC Filters
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Best and Worst Pets for Apartments

Pets & Apartments & You.


Now that you have decided to bring in a new pet family friend, congratulations are in order! However, having a pet is a big, but fun, responsibility, especially if you are living in a city apartment. That said, ensuring that your pet is compatible with your lifestyle is critical to finding the right one for you. While all pets are unique, a few tend to work well in apartments – others don’t. Below is a carefully drafted list of apartment friendly and unfriendly pets to help you find that ultimate pet friend for life.Cat and Dog Apartment

The Best


94.2 million people in America would rather keep cats, compared to 89.7 million dog owners, and they make the perfect apartment pets. As long as their owners are dedicated to proBest and worst pet apartments viding play and exercise opportunities, cats don’t require walking outside. In addition, they are creative in making good use of vertical spaces, including your window sills, shelving, and furniture.

No matter how small your apartment is, it is large enough for a cat, when you install furnishings that provide it with plenty of vertical space. Just like humans, cats are also happy been left alone and ruling over their space.

Small dogs

If you are more of a dog person, small dogs like Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can flourish in apartments. However, some bigger dogs like Greyhounds can live well in apartments, and they are considered the dog’s world couch potatoes. These big dogs do require regular exercises all through the day to stretch their legs.

No matter the size of your dog, it’s critical that you have an apartment with easy access to a yard for activity and socializing. Fortunately, an online resource like this site offers a great choice of apartments for dogs. The yard helps foster long-term relationships while lowering stress levels in your furry friend.

Some reptiles

Some of the best apartment-friendly reptiles are the Kingsnake, Milk Snake, and Garter Snake. Other reptiles like turtles and tortoises are less intimidating than snakes and very social. However, you should be aware that some reptiles could reach intimating adult sizes. Furthermore, the requirements of an adult-sized reptile change so it is best you are aware to prevent unwanted future surprises.

The Worst

Big birds

Best and worst pet apartments Bigger birds like macaws and parrots are intelligent and prefer constant interaction with similarly sized birds. They are also noisy and require advanced care that can be expensive, but they can be a family member for more than 50 years. Due to their ear-splitting squawks, neighbors can complain and landlords usually side with them, even when birds are permitted.

Ferrets and sugar gliders

Ferrets are extremely cute and photogenic, but they also require a copious amount of space and plenty of it. In addition, they are very active and love to run and burrow. The same applies to sugar gliders who also require a companion or they become depressed and suffer health issues.

Creepers and crawlers

Critters such as Emperor Scorpions, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, African Centipedes, and Tarantulas can stay in small enclosures and require simple care. However, such pets require live food, meaning that you need to have a supply of insect delicacies like mealworms and crickets. A bigger downside to keeping them as pets is the risk of a sting or bite.


While apartment living brings you a set of advantages, for pet lovers, the downside is that they cannot keep some pets because they are too noisy, too large, too active or just unsuitable for apartment living. The list above can act as a starting guide to finding a pet that will flourish in an apartment.



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Rental Properties And Robot Vacuums

Rental Properties And Robot Vacuums, Do they work?

If there is one household task most people frown on, it has been the time-consuming task of vacuuming. In years past, this job consisted of carrying a cumbersome, bulky vacuum cleaner from room to room, where you constantly had to plug-unplug the machine. While this may have helped build up your muscles from carrying such a heavy appliance around the house, it often made it difficult to get the entire house cleaned in one day. But as we all know, technology has made its way into more and more aspects of our lives, and vacuum cleaners are no exception. As a result, we now have robotic vacuum cleaners in more and more of our homes, and they seem to be growing in popularity by the day. If you are busy with the kids, work, or both, here are some tips we want to share with you about the usefulness of a robot vacuum in your home.Robot Vacuume Rental Property (more…)

Garbage Disposal & How To Use

How to use Garbage Disposal in a rental home.

When we think of a garbage disposal, many mistaken beliefs come to mind. The most common is that no matter what type of trash we have in our hand, we should be able to drop it into the disposal, flip the magic switch, and have the disposal grind it up and send it to the great garbage can in the sky. However, even though a modern disposal is filled with much technology, this does not mean it’s indestructible. If you are the owner of rental property, you know all too well how some tenants can make life difficult when it comes to appliances. Therefore, we are glad to provide you and your tenants with a few tips on how to properly use a disposal.Kitchen Sink with garbage disposal


Breaking Rental Lease

How to Correctly Break Your Rental Lease

The moving process is never fun, especially when it involves breaking a rental lease. Altering a rental lease accurately will make it easier for both you as the renter and us as the rentees. It doesn’t have to be a messy, or difficult process. Let’s take some time to go over how to correctly break your rental lease.

Taking responsibility is important.

  Tenants are responsible for the rent until the end of the lease. Or until another tenant is found and begins paying rent.  Another responsibility includes the fee to advertise and refill the property. The fee amount is one half of the monthly rent payment. It is important to us that tenants know their rights to request and be present at an initial inspection. The purpose of this is to allow the opportunity to remedy any deficiencies in a timely manner. This will be helpful to minimize or avoid deductions from the security deposit. Communicating and obtaining given responsibilities appropriately, ensures a favorable outcome for correctly breaking a rental lease.

Communication is key.

It is vital that we know your plans for vacating the property. With communicating prior to moving out, we can work with the tenant to fill the propertCommunication with your property manager. y with new tenants. We will begin the marketing process for the rental home as soon as the tenant communicates their desire to vacate the property.  Authority Property Management takes action quickly to arrange appointments for prospective tenants to view the home. Keep in mind the more showings allowed, the greater the possibility of renting it out quickly.

After giving your notice to break a rental lease, there is still room to revoke or modify the move-out date. To do this, the first contributing factor would be to contact us. We would then work on the approval of the change. If the property is already re-rented, it will be difficult or impossible to grant the request. Whether the decision is to keep the desired date to break a rental lease or revoke it, Authority Property Management is here to help with great customer service.

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Notice of Eviction

When Should You Serve a Notice of Eviction?

Are you experiencing conflicts with some of your tenants? Maybe you are dealing with late rent payments. Perhaps some of your tenants have crossed the lines laid out in your lease agreement. Maybe you have been made aware of and are concerned that some of your tenants might be engaging in illegal activity. Maybe some of your tenants have made severe damages to your property. Are you to the point where you are tired of dealing with it and are wondering if any of these things could be grounds for eviction? Our team at Authority Property Management would love to help you determine whether or not it is necessary for you to move forward in giving your tenant or tenants notice of eviction or notice to Terminate Tenancy.     Notice


Landlord Versus Tenant Responsibilities

What Are Landlord Versus Tenant s

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, it is imperative that you know what your responsibilities are and that those responsibilities are laid out in writing on your lease agreement. Understanding your responsibilities as a landlord or a tenant can prevent majors conflicts and can also prevent you from getting manipulated into an unfair position if disputes do arise. As property managers in Redding who have years of experience managing properties all over Shasta County, we would like to help you understand what some of your responsibilities might be as a landlord or a tenant when signing a lease.    Responsibilities


Security video doorbell

Ring: The Newest Trending Security Item

Security Application
According to Ring, over 1 million burglaries occur every year in the United States. When it comes to the security of your rental properties, it is better to be safe and invest in security and surveillance systems than to take the chance of becoming one of these statistics. And we have good news for you. If you are still looking for a Christmas/New Year’s gift to give to your tenants, Ring’s Video Doorbell is the newest trending security gift and is a gift that both you and your tenants will appreciate.

Ring’s Video Doorbell is exactly what its title says it is. It an electronic device that replaces a traditional Doorbell, not only become the Doorbell for the house but also becoming a security surveillance system for the front porch and front yard, all due to its built-in camera and motion detector. Ring’s Video Doorbell notifies tenants and property owners when someone is on the property and allows tenants and property owners to see and speak with anyone at the front door. While traditional security systems trigger once a break-in has occurred, Ring’s Video Doorbell prevents break-ins from happening in the first place.

Another amazing fact about this doorbell is that tenants and property managers can get notified and can see and speak to people outside of the home even when they are not home. Whether they are eating out at a nice restaurant or shopping at the local grocery store, tenants and properties owners can still see and speak to people at the front door, giving them the appearance that they are actually home.

The motion detecting feature in Ring’s Video Doorbell is also incredible. Tenants and property owners can set the radius for how far out they want the Doorbell to detect motion, and if anything enters that radius, they will get notified on their electronic devices that there is motion inside the parameter. Security video

If you’re looking for a gift to give to your tenants or are simply looking for great security options for your rental houses, Ring’s Video Doorbell is an incredible option. If you would like more information on security for your rental properties, or if you would like to hire a property manager to manage your rental properties and take tasks like security out of your hands, give us a call at Authority Property Management! We are property managers in Redding and have done property management in Redding and Shasta County for over twenty years and we would love to serve you in any way we can! Give us a call at (530) 410-6085.

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Lawn Care who’s responsibility?

Lawn Care: Is It the Landlord’s Responsibility or the Tenant’s?

Keeping a lawn looking sharp can take a lot of hard work, especially if it is big lawn. The question as to whether or not keeping up with and maintaining the lawn at a rental home is the responsibility of the landlord or the tenant is an ongoing debate. However, as a landlord, you are ultimately the decision-maker when it comes to lawn care. In order to make the best decision for both you and your tenants when it comes to who is responsible for the lawn and how it should be taken care of, it is important to ask yourself some questions so that you can determine those things and communicate them to your tenants as well as include them in your lease agreement. As property managers in Redding who have over twenty years of experiencing managing rental properties all over Shasta County, we would love to help guide your decision by offering some questions. lawn care

1. How much work would it take to maintain your lawn? Evaluating the workload when it comes to maintaining your lawn will help you to know if your tenants can or cannot handle it. Are you just wanting the lawn mowed? Or do you also need trees and bushes trimmed? Do you have a garden or any flowers or fruit trees that need to be kept up with? Depending on the workload involved, you may decide to make it a requirement for your tenants or you may decide that it is too much and that you need to hire someone to do it.

2. Do you trust your tenants to take care of the lawn? This is also an important question because even if you don’t think keeping up with the lawn would be too much work for your tenants to handle, do you trust that they will actually do it? Your lawn might be a priority to you and you might take incredible pride in it, but it might not be a priority to your tenants and they might simply forget about it. The question is: would it be better for you to invest your trust into your tenants or to invest your money into a professional whose income ultimately rides on how well they do their work?

3. What are your expectations as a landlord when it comes to lawn care? It is important to ask yourself this question so that you can lay it out and communicate it clearly to your tenants in the lease agreement and in person. Once you have decided whether you want your tenants to take care of the lawn or you want to take care of it yourself or you want to hire someone to take care of it, that will ultimately  help you determine what you expect of your tenants when it comes to taking care of the lawn. Make sure to lay those things out clearly in the lease and to address them with your tenants in person, especially if you have decided that you want your tenants to maintain it. Most of the time, tenants who are renting do not think about lawn maintenance being included in their rental, so it is incredibly important to address it with them so that they know what to expect.

If you have any more questions or would like more information as to how you can best manage your rental property as a landlord we would love to help you here at Authority Property Management! Feel free to give us a call at (530) 410-6085.

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Benefits of a Home or a Apartment

The Benefits of Living in a Rental Home or a Rental Apartment

Benefits of a Home verses Apartment

 Are you currently trying to find a rental home or an apartment to move into? Are you wondering what the benefits of each living space are and which living space would be more beneficial for you? Renting a Home versus an Apartment are very different and mean different responsibilities for you as a tenant.  If this is you, we would love to help you discover whether a rental home or a rental apartment would be a better move for you. As property managers in Redding who have over twenty years of experience managing properties in Redding and Shasta County, we would like to help make you aware of what we believe are the benefits of living in a rental home versus a rental apartment.


There is no doubt that a rental home has more space than a rental apartment. Depending on how many furniture pieces, articles of clothing, or kitchen dishes and cookware you have, that will be a big factor in determining whether a rental home or apartment would be more beneficial for you. Rental homes often have more room for storage, garage space, attic space, and bigger kitchen storage.


Another benefit of living in a rental home versus a rental apartment is privacy. In a rental apartment, you will most likely be in close proximity to surrounding neighbors, and there is no guarantee that they will be quiet neighbors. Living in a rental home provides space and privacy from neighbors and noise.


Depending on how decorative you are, this will also help you to determine if you would rather live in a rental home or a rental apartment. Rental apartments often have strict regulations when it comes to decorating and customizing your unit. You most likely will not be allowed to paint the walls, hang items on the walls with nails, or change kitchen appliances. This can often make your apartment feel more like a temporary living space rather than a home. However, in a rental home, your landlord may give permission for certain customizations when asked and allow more freedom when it comes to decorating and make the house feel more like your home. If you are trying to find somewhere to live for several years that will feel like home, a rental home might be a better option for you.

Compare Expenses

A huge part of renting a home or apartment is determining what your budget is when it comes to paying rent and utilities. The cost of living in a home or apartment can be a huge factor in determining what decision you want to make for yourself. Some houses can be pricey when it comes to rent rates, but some apartments can be just as pricey. You would be surprised at some of the nice houses that you can rent that cost the same or less than a rental apartment. Do your research and take your time searching for the right place that meets all of your housing needs and is within your budget.

If you are a tenant and would like more information to help you discover what move might be best for you, or if you are a landlord and would like someone to help you manage your rental property, we would love to help you! We do property management in Redding and Shasta County and would love to serve you in any way we can. Feel free to give us a call at (530) 410-6085.

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