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Reviewing Your Insurance Policy

Tips from a Pro when reviewing your rental insurance policy

Zach Bay State Farm Agent Redding CA.

Our Friend, Zach, was kind enough to give a brief review on what to consider when reviewing your insurance policy.


As the owner of a rental property, you know that proper maintenance is key to keeping an asset performing for years to come. Keeping the paint fresh protects the siding, and the interior updated keeps rents high. The same goes for your insurance policy, but unfortunately, most property owners do not do the maintenance on their property’s insurance policy as often as they should. Here are a few coverages that every property owner should be checking on in their policy:


  Three things you must check.

  • Your liability limits protect you. Many times, property owners will have purchased their first property years ago, and their agent aligned the liability limits with their net worth at that time. Over time, as you are amassing assets and your income is increasing, your liability coverage also needs to increase.
  • Replacement Cost of the Home Over years of owning a home, the cost of construction can change significantly. Reviewing the cost to rebuild is an extremely important piece of your policy to monitor.
  • Loss of RentsNot all insurance policies are the same, and some do not cover your loss of rents if there is a claim and your renter is no longer able to live in the home.