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Property Managers – 10 Reasons Why

Property Managers: 10 Reasons To Have One

When investors expand their property management portfolios, one of the most important aspects is finding a great property management team with whom to work. Thus, when we are speaking with potential clients, we know the pressure is on to give them a variety of reasons why they need our services. Of course, we can always talk about how partnering with us will keep them from being awakened in the middle of the night to go fix a resident’s overflowing toilet. While this is certainly a perk, it may not be enough for us to make the final sale during our presentation. Therefore, when making a pitch to potential clients, we have plenty of other great reasons from which to choose. If you are curious as to what they are, here are 10 of the best reasons why it’s great to have an excellent property manager looking after your homes.

Saving Money on Contractors
If there is one thing real estate investors hate, it is wasting money on contractors who turn out to be unlicensed or simply inept at their job, which usually results in small problems becoming much bigger ones. However, as we tell potential clients, partnering with a reputable property management firm can eliminate this problem. Instead, clients can have us vet potential contractors to ensure they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Combining this with excellent on-site maintenance staff and supervisors, the result is less hassle, happier residents, and fewer high-priced Bad - Good Rental Applicantemergency repair bills.

Increased Revenue
For any real estate investor, increased revenue is music to their ears. We understand this, which is why we emphasize our ability to thoroughly screen potential residents. By using state-of-the-art technology, we can easily spot red flags on applications, which in turn will help identify those applicants who are most likely to pay their rent on time and pose few if any problems regarding property damage.

Avoiding Legal Problems
For real estate investors, legal problems with residents or potential residents can be time-consuming and expensive. In fact, a recent TransUnion survey showed it costs the average landlord almost $2,000 to evict a resident. Rather than be saddled with this problem, we point out it is far more efficient and cost-effective to partner with us and our property management services. By doing so, investors can have managers for their properties who understand landlord-tenant laws, especially in areas involving discrimination, eviction processes, and safety rules and regulations.

Higher Occupancy Numbers
When a property is vacated, landlords want it filled again as quickly as possible. We understand this, which is why we can offer a variety of marketing strategies that will ensure not only that the vacancies are filled quickly, but are done so by residents who will be long-term, resulting in investors having a high return on their investment.

Higher Retention Rates
Just as we know it is important to give our clients high occupancy numbers, we know it is equally as important that their properties also have high retention rates. After all, it does little good to fill a vacancy, only to have the resident leave a month or two later. In our experiences, the best way to maintain high retention rates is to create an atmosphere where residents are happy where they live. To accomplish this, we ensure a safe and attractive community is maintained, management has excellent relationships with residents, and much more.

Simplified Accounting
While we leave the in-depth aspects of accounting to a client’s CPA, we do offer various services that can greatly simplify the accounting and oversight process. These can include information about tax deductions and investment opportunities, as well as owner portals that include on-demand statements and reports regarding income, expenses, and maintenance requests. By keeping owners informed, there are fewer chances for mistakes and oversights to occur.

Rent Collection Process
Since homeowners have plenty to do besides chasing down tenants to collect rent, we make sure this process is made as simple as possible. Along with establishing and enforcing payment guidelines, we can also set up portals allowing tenants to make online rent payments, making the collection process easy and efficient for all parties.

Freedom to Pursue Other Interests
With many real estate investors, their goal is to generate enough income to enjoy an active retirement. This can include traveling the world, spending more time with family and friends, working on their golf game, or pursuing other interests and hobbies. By partnering with us, they can do all this and more, since they will be guaranteed of having skilled professionals at the helm who will manage their property as if they were their very own. By putting their trust in us and our staff, investors can gain not only the freedom they desire but also peace of mind.

Increased Property Values
When an investor purchases property, the last thing they want is to see the values of their properties decline due to poor maintenance and other aspects that can factor into this area. To make sure this does not happen, property owners need to partner with a property management firm that can suggest and help initiate a variety of programs, including annual preventative maintenance inspections, policies for repairing or replacing appliances, and ways to initiate property upgrades. We can do this and much more since we constantly stay in touch with homeowners about steps they can take to ensure their properties maintain the highest possible values.


Authority Property Managemet Redding, CA.

Stress Reduction
Perhaps most of all, partnering with a reputable, experienced, and knowledgeable property management firm such as ours can greatly reduce the stress many investors deal with on a daily basis regarding their properties. While there will always be a problem or two along the way for any landlord, working with us can ensure the problems they experience are few and far between. From making it easy for tenants to pay rent, having maintenance personnel available to handle those late-night emergencies, and much more, our property management services can give investors the peace of mind they need and deserve.




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Solutions for landlords

What Solutions Authority Property Management Can provide for You

Are you a landlord? Do you find yourself frustrated and stressed out from trying to manage your rental properties? Are you looking for solutions?  Whether it is communicating with your tenants or dealing with maintenance and repairs, do you find yourself wishing there was a way that you could manage your rental properties while not having to deal with the stress of it all? Luckily, there is a solution for you, and that solution is to hire a property manager.
Property managers act on behalf of landlords and manage the stressful tasks that landlords are responsible for so that landlords can be stress-free while still renting out their properties. And that is what we do here at Authority Property Management, we offer solutions. As property managers in Redding and Shasta County, we manage hundreds of rental properties on behalf of landlords.Authority Property Management Redding CA.
So what can we actually do for you as your property managers? How can we actually reduce your stress as a landlord? What are the actual stressful tasks that we can take out of your hands? Here is a glimpse into what we can and will do for you if you choose to hire us as your property managers:
We provide rigorous tenant screening including:
* Income Verification
* Employment Verification
* Credit Checks
* Background Checks
We provide limited services including:
* Tenant Acquisition
* Contract Delivery
* Delivering Keys
* Full Accounting
We provide full-time management services including:
* Tenant Acquisition
* Rent Collection
* Coordinate Maintenance and Repairs
* Coordinate Vendors
* Delivering Legal Notices
* Pay Repair and Maintenance Bills
* Monthly Accounting
* Income and Expense Statements
* Direct Deposit to Your Bank Account
* Owner Access Internet Portal
When it comes to your tenants, we will not only help you acquire new tenants but will also do rigorous screenings for potential tenants. We want you to have great tenants who will be responsible when it comes to taking care of your property and paying their rent payments on-time. We will do this by running income and employment verification as well as running credit and background checks on all potential tenants. If you decide to hire us for full-time management, we will provide even more services such as coordinating and making payments for maintenance and repairs. We will handle all communication between you and your tenants, taking the stresses of conflict management out of your hands. We will find, hire, and schedule people to take care of maintenance and repairs on your behalf and will also make payments for those maintenance and repair costs. We will also provide accounting services and will help you with your income and expense statements to ensure that you are succeeding and profiting financially as a landlord.    solutions
If you are a landlord who feels like you would benefit from hiring a property manager and would like more information as to what other services we can provide, feel free to call us at Authority Property Management! We do property management in Redding and all over Shasta County and would love to help relieve your stress in any way we can! Call us at (530) 410-6085.


Investing in Rental Property

Considerations Before investing in Rental Property

Are you thinking about investing in real estate property and becoming a landlord? If you are, it is important that you know exactly what you are getting into and weigh the costs of that responsibility before actually taking it on. As property managers in Redding who have managed properties all over Shasta County for over twenty years, we would like to help you decide whether or not becoming investing in a rental property and becoming a landlord is right for you by making you aware of the responsibilities and the costs involved.


First-time Landlords

Common Mistakes First-Time Landlords Make

Are you a first-time landlord who has recently invested in a property to rent out to tenants? If so, a great thing that you can do as a first-time landlord is gain an understanding of some of the most common mistakes first-time landlords make so that you do not go down the same path. They say that understanding the mistakes of those who have gone before us can help us to prevent making the same mistakes in the future. As property managers in Redding who have over twenty years of experience working with landlords, we would like to give you an understanding of some of the most common mistakes that we see first-time landlords make.  first-time landlord

  1. Selecting poor tenants  –  Having a thorough selection process when it comes to selecting tenants to live in your rental property is important because you will want to make sure that rent payments will be made on time and that the property will stay in good condition. Selecting tenants without first checking to see if they have long-term employment or a stable income setup can result in late rent payments or missed rent payments, which will ultimately fall back on you as a landlord. Selecting tenants who do not care to take care of your rental property can result in damage and repair costs, which can also fall back on you as a landlord. If you really want to make a profit off of renting out your property, it is vital that you take the time to check employment, call references, and run background checks before selecting tenants to live in your rental house or apartment.
  2. Failing to get the lease in writing – Laying out all of your requirements in a written lease agreement and then having all of your tenants sign it legally binds your tenants to that agreement. This lease includes your tenants’ guarantee that they will pay rent on time and it also includes late fee amounts if they do not pay their rent on time. In the case that a tenant does not make a rent payment and refuses to communicate about making that rent payment, you as a landlord legally have the right to take your tenant to court because you have their commitment to make their rent payments in writing.
  3. Charging overly high rent rates – A lot of first-time landlords immediately think that the best way to make money off of a rental property is to set high rent rates. The problem with this, however, is that it doesn’t cater to the potential tenants or give them any kind of incentive to want to live in your rental property. It is important that you put yourself in your potential tenants’ shoes. At the most, how much would you be willing to pay? Many landlords end up not being able to fill their rental properties with great tenants simply because their rates are set so high.
  4. Getting advice from family and friends – People always have opinions, especially the ones who are the closest to you. And when it comes to running a business, which is essentially what you are doing, it is better to get advice and practical wisdom from someone you are not emotionally connected to rather than a family member or a friend. While there are many horrible tenant cases, there are also many success stories. Make sure you connect with landlords who have had success in this business and glean from them. Plus, the people who don’t have success stories most likely made a lot of the mistakes being laid out in this blog post. The fact that you are reading this is a step towards success!
  5. Underestimating or failing to calculate maintenance expenses  – While every landlord wants to give his or her tenants the benefit of the doubt, there is a high chance that your tenants will not take care of the property as well as you think they will. Intentionally or unintentionally, damages do occur. It is important that you calculate and set aside some money as a safety net for potential damages or maintenance repairs. Landlords who fail to do this or underestimate the cost of potential damages and repairs end up in the hole and their rental properties are left worse off than when they started.
  6. Failing to keep a business-professional relationship with tenants – Many landlords end up in the hole because they allow their relationships with their tenants to become personal and they continue to extend grace when they should be abiding by the lease agreement and sticking to the requirements. Your tenant is essentially your customer. This means that in the same way a customer gives a payment for a product or service, your tenant essentially gives you a payment for a “housing” service. Imagine a customer walking into a business and taking a product without paying or receiving services and then walking out without paying. Not only would that be disrespectful, it is actually illegal and there would be no grace offered for those kinds of actions. It is the same way when it comes to your tenants failing to make rent payments. The requirements must be directly and sternly communicated and if your tenants fail to meet them, legal actions must be taken. The landlords who fail to do this because they don’t keep their relationships with their tenants business-professional are the ones who end up in the hole in the end.

If you have any questions or would like more information on how you can succeed as a first-time landlord, feel free to call us at 530-410-6085! We do property management in Redding and Shasta County and would love to help you in any way we can!


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Why Hiring a Property Manager is an Investment.

Property Managers An Incredible Investment

Becoming a landlord seems like an incredible investment opportunity. Buy a home, rent it out to tenants for more than you bought it for, and generate a steady income from it. Seems like a pretty great deal up front, am I right? In fact, this is the main reason why most people decide to become landlords. However, most people who decide to become landlords often overlook many things that end up giving them a headache later on down the road. Before these landlords know it, they are dealing with tenants who don’t pay their rent on time and then leave the house in a worse condition than they found it in. These landlords, who expected to get an incredible return on their investment, are now dishing out cash to fix the damages that have been done to the very house they put so much effort into making nice. (more…)

Rental properties tips for buying!

Buying Rental Properties what you should know.


What do you want when you want to buy rental properties? A safe and profitable investment. Here are some great things to look for while making that happen.

Buying rental properties in Redding CA. can be a fantastic way to build your wealth and retirement. However, as in most real estate investing, it is sometimes difficult to know if you’ve found a reasonably good deal – especially the first time you buy. Here are some things to look for to be sure that rental property is a good investment. (more…)

Millennials – The new tenant

Millennials tenants, how to reach them and work with them.

Times are evolving, and the old way of doing business is not attracting the next generation.  Who is this next generation? They are called the Millennials; they are the tech-savvy generation. They have grown up with technology, they adapt quickly to new devices and perform computer-based tasks more quickly than older generations.  Millennials are comfortable with the internet and social media. This comfort with social media means they are good at self-promotion and fostering connections through online media.  Millennials are less likely than previous generations to put up with unpleasantness and much more likely to use social networking to broadcast their concerns. On the other hand, satisfied Millennials are often advocates for the business they interact with, providing honest, free — and convincing — public relations.  millennials

So what does this mean for Property Managers and Landlords looking to reach the Millennials?  It means you need an internet presence.  Millennials are more likely to connect with you through your online avenues.  No internet presence means major missed opportunities.  Millennials are not driving around looking for properties to rent.  They are looking at their phones.  Millennials do their research online.  So for Property Managers, this means your site needs to be user-friendly, more importantly, your site needs to be mobile friendly. Property Management Company’s that provide more useful content in their advertising of properties, for instance, pictures and/or walkthrough videos promote a more enjoyable online experience.  They check out what they are going to buy or who they are going to do business with. Millennials care about other people’s opinions and a good customer experience. Nowadays so many people have the ability to write reviews regarding their experiences online for all to read and having it readily available for anyone and everyone to find,  demands that you pay attention to your online presence.  Thank people for taking the time to write a review, positive or negative it all helps to improve your customer service. It shows you pay attention and you care about the type of business you do. Millennials support businesses that are dedicated to improving their customers’ lives and have informative content. More than 7 out of 10 Millennials consult, react or post about products, brands, and companies on social media.

 When advertising your rental properties, use the environment around your residential homes and apartments, for example, townhouse close to shopping, Apartments close to local transportation.  Millennials like to walk or ride their bikes.  They look for apbikeartments or housing near their work or school to facilitate more economical modes of transportation.  Millennials like to be as green as possible. Providing your customers with the ability to apply online and pay their application fees online speeds up the application process. Once an individual is a tenant offering tenant portals for paying their rent and placing work orders online allows tenants to address issues on their timeline.  If online is not your expertise, you may want to invest in some lessons.  Millennials look for the positive experience, the ease of doing business and the ability to have an input.  They will share positive experiences, and they will most assuredly share their negative experiences. Authority Property Management of Redding CA. offers many technologies to help millennials fell comfortable before becoming a tenant and after.


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Sell A Rental Property?

Is it time to sell a rental property in Redding CA?

As a Real Estate broker specializing in Property Management in Redding CA. We are getting asked often if now is the right time to stop renting and sell your rental properties in Redding or surrounding areas. We wanted to take a few minutes to provide an opinion from a professional Property Manager.

Rental home market.

Let’s first understand where the Property Management Redding CA. market stands. Our rental market here in Shasta County and Northern Tehama county is improving. Many of the accidental landlords have parted with their properties. These properties are not often returned to the market as a rental property or investment property because first time home buyers are the first with

House - For sale sign - Contract

cash. With them occupying the home, they also have an easier time getting financing. This has lessened the available inventory for available rental properties. As you know when demand is high and supply is low prices move up. Over the past 12 months, we have seen rents climb between 5% & 8% over previous years, which is huge. The best part is that rents are now moving up as for years they worked their way down due to the heavy competition in the marketplace. Imagine for a moment that rents in Redding CA. move up another 5% or 8% next year. Then things will look fantastic.

The Sales market.

Yes, we can validate that the sales market is showing improvement. Often times property owners who have rental properties under financial water are getting closer to the surface and break-even point. With the small improvements in the sales market, many of our power investors have begun to pick up more rental homes and apartments as they know the market will grow further. Now is still a great time to buy investment properties. With the way the stock market is bouncing all over, I find myself staying away from buying stocks and moving my monies into the rental properties


So yes the Sales Market is showing improvement but that leads No - No -NOus to a few questions. We are confused as to why an investment property owner in Redding Ca. would sell a property at break-even pricing. After having hung in a long time and possibly taking a loss every month, why sell at break even? If you could hang in a while longer and make between $20,000 and $100,000 why would you sell? The timing seems all wrong. The old adage still applies “Buy low and sell high”. The market is nowhere near a high at the moment. Believe it or not now is still a great time to buy rental homes or apartment buildings. Why because the market is nowhere near a high. So the thoughts from a professional property management company operating in Redding CA. No, No, No only sell when the market is at a high and that’s just not where we are at.


One last thought. If you want to begin buying rental properties, you should involve a property manager before ever making an offer. We can help you understand the cost and benefits a property manager can provide.  We can also help you understand what a property might rent for and what things may need to be done to make it a great rental property.  So often someone will come to us after buying a new rental and they find that they have misunderstood the cost of owning a rental and they don’t make as much profit. Best to involve us before making an offer on a property. Then you will have good numbers and facts to the basis you offer on so you can maximize profits.


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