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Considering Hiring a Redding Property Manager?

Considering Hiring a Redding Property Manager? Here are 20 Questions You Should be Asking


Are you considering hiring a Redding Property Manager if so here are 20 questions you should be asking up front? When it comes to property management, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Like most professions, it takes people who have a passion for real estate, a unique set of skills, and natural talent for the job. However, because many people view real estate as a way to get rich quick, the field is full of those calling themselves property managers, but are simply people looking to make a quick buck. Thus, you get what you pay for when choosing a property manager. While it may sound impossible to find good property management services or Redding property management company, by asking the right questions, you can separate the pros from the amateurs. To find out how here are 20 essential questions you should be asking during your search.

What Services Do You Offer Clients?
When you’re looking for someone to manage properties, focus on what services they provide. Along with finding a company that can market, lease, sell, and manage properties, you also need to make sure they offer excellent maintenance services, property inspections, and thorough background checks on potential renters. If there is one thing we have learned over the years, it’s that by offering top-notch services to our clients, we have been able to set ourselves apart from the competition and establish ourselves as the company you can trust.


Myths of Property Management

4 Common Property Management Myths    Myths

When it comes to managing your rental properties, have you brushed off the idea of hiring a property manager for various reasons? If so, chances are you could be believing some myths about property management. As property managers in Northern California who have over twenty years of experience managing properties all over Shasta County, we would like to expose 4 of the most common property management myths as well as answer any questions that you may potentially have about property management. (more…)

Importance of Customer Service

Good Customer Service Leads to Repeat Business

Good customer service is vital when it comes to having a successful real estate business as a landlord. Why? Because your tenants are ultimately the people, who are keeping your business going. So if your tenants are not happy, then your business will suffer.   customer service
Tenants are natural word-of-mouth marketers. This means that they talk about what they have experienced and either help or hurt the reputations of those they have had the experiences with. So let’s say that you have one tenant who is unhappy with the way you are communicating with them or with the way that you are handling maintenance and repairs at their house or apartment. This tenant will potentially vent their experience with you as their landlord and to other people, which will ultimately harm your reputation as a landlord and your chance of gaining new tenants. Now let’s say you have not just one, but an entire house of tenants who are unhappy with their experience of having you as a landlord. Now you have more than one person harming your overall reputation as a landlord by spreading negative reviews about their experience with you.


Late Rent Payments

Common Excuses for Late Rent Payments        Late Rent

The most common issues that landlords run into with their tenants are late rent payments. And when it comes down to it, financial mismanagement is the main reason why tenants are either late on or unable to make their rent payments. As a landlord, it is essential to be aware of the common excuses that your tenants might give you when it comes to why they are late on their rent, and it is also important that you address whether or not they are managing their finances in such a way that making their rent payments is a priority every month. As property managers in Redding who have over 20 years of experience managing properties all over Shasta County, we would love to help you by making you aware of some of the most common excuses your tenants might give you when it comes to their late or unpaid rent payments.


Managing properties from out of area

Managing Out of State Rental Properties

Being a landlord has its challenges, especially managing your properties if you do not live in the state where your rental properties are located. It can be incredibly difficult to manage your rental properties and your relationships with your tenants from afar. Luckily, if you are currently in this position, there are people who can help manage your rental properties and your tenant relationships up close while you live at a distance. These people are called property managers.      managing

Having over twenty years of experience being property managers in Redding and managing rental properties all over Shasta County, we would love to inform you on everything that a property manager can help you with that will ultimately relieve you of some of the stresses of trying to manage your rental properties from afar.

  1. MANAGING TENANT RELATIONSHIPS  – a property manager will take care of the screening process for potential incoming tenants including income verification, employment verification, credit checks, and background checks. A property manager will also act in your place by communicating with and responding to your tenants in regards to rent payments as well as maintenance and repair requests. Property managers will make sure that rent payments are on time and that you have low vacancy rates.

2. MANAGING MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS – a property manager will also handle any maintenance or repairs that need to be done to the rental property. Handling maintenance and repairs is one of the biggest stresses for most landlords, especially landlords who live out of state because they can’t get an up-close look at what needs to be repaired or replaced. Hiring a property manager can relieve this stress because a property manager will act in place of the landlord in getting an up-close look at the problem and will not only be able to give a full assessment of what is actually going on, but will also take care of the necessary repairs or replacements in the most efficient and low-cost ways.

3. MANAGING LEGAL WORK – a property manager will also handle any legal work as far as leases and contracts go. Property managers will deliver contracts and legal notices to tenants and will also take care of other logistics like paying maintenance and repair bills as well as taking care of income and expense statements and accounting statements.

Some of the most stressful tasks for landlords are the tasks that a property manager will care of. If you are a landlord who is currently managing out of state rental properties and you would like to relieve yourself of some of the stresses that come with that by hiring a property manager, feel free to give us a call at Authority Property Management. We do property management in Redding and Shasta County and would love to help you in any way that we can! Feel free to call us at (530) 410-6085.


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Ways to Attract New Tenants

Ways to Attract New Tenants

As a landlord and rental property owner, one of your main responsibilities will be to find tenants for your rental properties and to prevent vacancies from your rental properties. When it comes to attracting tenants to your rental homes or apartments, there are several strategies that you can use to create a greater awareness of your rental properties. As property managers in Redding who have over twenty years of experience managing properties all over Shasta County, we would like to offer you some tips on different strategies that you can use to attract tenants to your rental properties. attract tenants through social media

1. SOCIAL MEDIA – in this day and age, using social media to promote and create an awareness of your rental properties is a must. In the eyes of the majority of people today, it is faster and more efficient search online for rental properties than to search through the newspaper or a local magazine. It’s just how it is today. You are going to have a much higher chance of your rental properties being seen and attracting tenants if you promote online through your social media accounts as well as through online sites that promote the buying or selling of items or properties.

2. ONLINE SITES – besides promoting your rental properties on social media, we recommend posting your rental properties as an advertisement on online sites that help promote the buying or selling of items and properties. Some great websites for this are,,, Trulia, Zillow, Craigslist, and any local websites that are well-known in your area. For example, in Redding, a popular and frequently visited website for finding rental properties is These are all some of the most common websites that people use to find rental homes or apartments and we highly recommend listing your properties on them.

3. REACH OUT TO FORMER TENANTS – if you don’t want to put a ton of effort into promoting your rental properties online, another great way to get new tenants is to simply reach out to your former tenants and let them know that you have vacancies. Your former tenants might know of some people who are in need of a place to live and may help you fill your vacancies, especially if you offer them an incentive like a gift card in exchange for getting someone to sign a lease with you.

If you would like more information on how you can attract new tenants and best promote and create an awareness for your rental properties as a landlord, feel free to give us a call at Authority Property Management or, if you would like someone to promote and create an awareness of your rental properties for you, we have over twenty years of experience doing property management in Redding and Shasta County and would love to help you with that. Give us a call at (530) 410-6085.

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Property Manager exceeding expectations

Happy Owners are good for Property managers business!

As a property manager, it is essential to maintain a positive relationship with your Owners, after all, they are vital to your business.  This can look different for each owner depending on their specific expectations of you, but there are some basic things that all property managers should focus on doing in order to show owners that their property is in good hands and is taking care of properly. Home

Owners want their properties rented. So your first priority is to keep the property rented.  The easiest way to do that is to have happy tenants.  Most tenants complain that their needs are not being met, maintenance issues are not being addressed quick enough.  The hesitation in your response times causes tenants to think they are not valued, that their issues are not important.  Even if the answer is not an answer a tenant wants to hear, they accept it easier knowing you were quick in providing the answer.  It is important to address issues that are reasonable or outlined in the lease. Keeping the property maintained and having open communication helps keep properties rented.

As a property manager, you need to be proactive when it comes to pre-maintenance issues.  If you have properties with swamp coolers that need to be summarized prior to the summer, do not wait until the owner or tenant asks you to have it done.  You know it needs to be done, ask the owner if you can schedule it before the anticipated hot season hits, same with winterizing.  Expecting rain,  get those rain gutters cleaned. Driving by the property periodically and sending pictures to the owner showing the condition of the properties allows the owners to see that you are checking up on their property, it also lets you bring concerns to tenants before they get out of hand.   By planning ahead and anticipating a properties needs, you can also cut down the owner’s expenses or emergency repairs.    Plan Ahead

Never make an owner ask for their money.  You as the property manager should be aware of all issues regarding a property.  If you anticipate an issue with a tenant’s rent, communicate to the owner, the issue and the solution you are seeking.   Owner’s hire property management so they can be hands off and receive their funds.  They should not have to manage you or chase their rent down.


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