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Maintenance Request

Please login to your tenant portal to submit a maintenance request. If you have not activated your portal, you can get started below.

Benefits of Using Online Maintenance Request

Having a maintenance issue can be a headache. It can disrupt your daily routine and cause so much frustration. You want everything to work right, and when it does not, it becomes bothersome and can overwhelm your already busy life. You just want to communicate to the property manager that you have an issue and get it fixed as soon as possible. With this online maintenance request, you can do just that. It takes away the stress of having to haggle to get your problem fixed. This request portal has many benefits, some of which are listed below.

24/7 Conveniences
You can submit a request any time, from anywhere. If you are on vacation and you are made aware of an issue, or you just remembered you needed that leaky faucet fixed, you can place the request from your mobile device on the go. Plus, you do not have to wait for office hours to submit the request. Send it at your leisure, and move on with your day!

This system is a wonderful tool to keep a track record of where your request is in the process. You receive an email confirmation when the request it submitted. You can log in any time you like and reference your work order request if you need to follow up on something.

Reduces Errors
Submitting a request for maintenance online is great because you can specify the exact problem. You can specify where the problem is occurring, what category it falls under, and what the specific concern is. Instead of telling someone over the phone and hoping that the staff translates your message right, this lets you be specific so that the issue can be resolved correctly the first time. This approach will greatly reduce the possibility that your repair or maintenance request is dealt with incorrectly.

Speed and Priority
You not only want your life organized, but you probably want your property management company to be organized too. Online maintenance requests help your property management company prioritize requests and get them to the right staff member as soon as possible! Because everything is electronic, your request will get the attention it deserves with no time wasted in between.

Authority Property Management wants to make sure your maintenance needs are met and have never been simpler. Using the online system, you can place your request from anywhere at any time, ensure clear communication, reduce the possibility of errors, and get the important fix you need in a timely manner. Best of all, it is entirely free!