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Your approved!!!!!


You have been approved for a rental property, Now what?


Finding a place that suits you and your family’s needs can be overwhelming. Applications, application fees, providing all the documentation to show you can afford the unit and that you would be the best tenant. You do your part and then you wait. Wait for the property management company to process your application, wait for the owner to review your information, wait for that approval. The whole process can be exhausting and frustrating. But you did it and you have been approved, now what??thinker

Most property management companies ask for some sort of money down to hold the property after you have been approved. It could be the security deposit or a holding deposit. This secures the property for you and tells the owner you are serious about renting the property. Confirm the terms, Rent, Deposit amount, lease or month to month.  All these details should be given to you so you know what you are agreeing to.  If there is a conflict you can make any necessary corrections at that time prior to signing anything. Make sure that you are absolutely sure about the property you are choosing before putting any money down, you could lose your holding deposit if you change your mind! Read the fine print.  A move in date is then established if it wasn’t already negotiated when the application was presented to the owner and then let the packing begin.

calendar As the Move-in date approaches you will need to turn on the utilities, lights, gas, water, and trash. Your property management company or landlord should be able to provide you with a list of utility providers for the property you are renting. If you are renting a country property check to see if the property has propane. In  that case, you will have to establish an account with the propane provider for that tank. Having all this prearranged will help make your move in smoother. If you are getting any type of service from a satellite provider, check to see if you need permission from the owner. Most companies can provide you with a letter giving specific directions and approval to install. Saves time to check before you have a technician sitting in your home and getting the letter in a rush or worse yet having to reschedule because you don’t have permission.

Something else to consider and to double check prior to moving in is whether or not the unit has a refrigerator. You might have viewed the property prior to the tenant moving out and there was a refrigerator there. But does it belong to the owner or tenant? Purchasing a washer/dryer set? What are the dryer hook-ups? Gas or Electric? Or both? Most of these questions can be answered by the property management company or the landlord. You may even what to walk through the property again because the first time you walk through you were rushed or viewed with other people. The more preparations you make the smoother your move will be!

You have paid your move in money, you have signed your rental agreement and now the fun really begins! One thing to remember is your Move-in check-in list! It is the foundation to getting your deposit refunded when you move out. Do not be in a rush, take pictures. Even if it is a small detail, this is your opportunity to say how you received the property and it is your protection when you move out. Provide the property management company or landlord a copy and keep a copy for your records. File it somewhere you will be able to remember and locate when you need it.

I hope I have provided a general idea of what to expect after you have been approved and what occurs during the move-in process. As always Happy Renting!


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Posted by: aaronrobertson on July 1, 2015
Posted in: Prospective Tenants