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About Redding


How Redding Came to Be – Like many cities that came to be, Redding is the result of a land grant. This land grant was given to a man named Pierson B. Reding in 1844. The grant given to Pierson B. Reding covered the land where Redding currently lies as well as the Land held by some towns that surround Redding, such as Anderson and Cottonwood. When Redding became a city, the population was mostly made up of Native Americans of the Wintu Tribe. With 600 settlers, Redding legally became a city under the State Constitution in 1887. By 1910, Redding’s population increased because the city was being supported by a mineral extraction industry of copper and iron. Redding’s population rose again to 4,188 by 1930 with the construction of the Shasta Dam. How the Shasta Dam Project Helped the City Grow – Because Redding is located in a valley, the city gets heavy rainfalls in the winters. In the past, these rainfalls would cause tremendous flooding in the city, drowning livestock and crops. As Redding grew and more people settled in the city, flood control became a necessity for the town in order to protect and preserve agriculture and livestock for the people. The construction of the Shasta Dam helped prevent flooding and also created employment opportunities for the people. The Shasta Dam took six years to build. Shasta Dam also became and remains a historical attraction in the city, as it is taller than both the Washington Monument and the Niagara Falls.

Great Reasons to Live in Redding – Redding is an incredible place to live for people who love the outdoors. Mountains, gorgeous lakes, hiking trails, and waterfalls surround the city. The Sacramento River also runs through the city, providing even more gorgeous trails to take a walk or ride a bike. Redding is also an amazing place to live because it is multi-cultural. Hundreds of internationals flood into the city every year to attend The Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry. Many people from this school have started some of the local businesses and restaurants in the city such as Tantardini’s, a local European bakery started by a couple from Italy. Tantardini’s is just one place of many places in Redding where you can get authentic food from other countries. Redding is also an amazing city for those who want to receive an education or those who want to go into ministry. Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry trains and equips over 2,000 students from all over the world every year to minister God in the fields of society that they are passionate about. Redding is also home to Simpson University, a local college that provides a variety of degree options to those seeking a college degree.

The Cascade Theater
The Cascade Theater – Located in downtown Redding, the Cascade Theater stands 81 years old and is still in operation. It was built in 1935. The Theater received a restoration remodel late 90’s to preserve it natural beauty.
Bank of Shasta County
Bank of Shasta County – Located off of Market Street, the Bank of Shasta County is the 3rd oldest building in Redding, CA.. It is no longer a bank but is currently a building that private businesses operate out of.
Gerlinger Steel and Supply Company
Gerlinger Steel and Supply Company – Established in 1906 by Fred Gerlinger, this business is over 100 years old. It is still open and is currently owned and operated by the third generation of the Gerlinger family.
International Order of Odd Fellows Hall
International Order of Odd Fellows Hall – Located off of Butte Street, this is the oldest remaining building in Redding, CA. It was built in 1888.
Railroad Depot and Passenger Station
Railroad Depot and Passenger Station – Located off of Yuba Street, this railroad station is 93 years old. It was built by the Southern Pacific Railroad Company in 1923.
Redding City Hall
Redding City Hall – Located in downtown Redding off of Market Street, the Old City Hall was built in 1907. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The new city hall is located off of Cypress Avenue. The Old City Hall now hosts several events. You can even catch some stand up comedy one night a month.
Redding Post Office – Located off of Yuba Street, the post office was built 80 years ago in 1936 and is still in operation today.
Shasta State Historic Park – Located off Eureka Way on the way to Whiskeytown Lake, brick walls from buildings that were built in the 1850s still stand today. This area is commonly referred to as a ghost town. Buildings that still remain intact are an old blacksmith shop, a large barn, a general store, a museum, and an old bakery that is currently still running.


Sundial Bridge
Sundial Bridge – Designed by world-renowned architectural designer Santiago Calatrava, the Sundial Bridge is currently one of Redding’s main attractions. The iconic bridge was completed in 2004 in hopes of bringing more tourists into the city. The Sundial Bridge casts its shadow upon a dial to the north of the bridge accurately once a year during Summer Solstice. You can also, reserve the patio area below the bridge for special events or weddings.
Diestelhorst Bridge
Diestelhorst Bridge – The Diestelhorst Bridge is the oldest and most historical bridge in Redding. It was built in 1915 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It is 639 ft. long and 24.3 ft. wide. It was built by the Diestelhorst family and was the first bridge to allow automobiles to cross the Sacramento River in Northern California. The bridge no longer serves as an automobile bridge, but now serves as a pedestrian walking and bicycling bridge on the Sacramento River Trail. The bridge received a revitalization just a few years back to preserve it looks and safety.
Shasta Caverns
Shasta Caverns – The Shasta Caverns originated 250 million years ago. They were part of life for the Wintu Indians before the Redding was established as a city. A hatchery employee of a nearby fish hatchery discovered the caverns in the 1870s. The caverns were opened as a natural attraction to the public in 1964. If you are looking for an adventure while you are passing through or staying in Redding, the Shasta Caverns are right up your alley. These caverns can only be reached by boat. The boat ride is included in the price of admission when purchased at the caverns visitor center. The tour takes about a couple of hours and is perfect on a hot day.
Shasta Dam
Shasta Dam – The Shasta Dam is a historical part of Redding and Shasta County in that it is the second largest dam in the world. It is 602 feet high, 3,460 feet wide and 543 feet thick. It was built between the late 1930s and the early 1940s and helped to prevent flooding and to create new employment opportunities in the city. You can access the Shasta Dam by State Highway 151, and the drive to the dam is absolutely stunning. You will eventually see a large parking lot with the Bureau of Reclamation visitor center. Feel free to take a walk over the dam as well as sign up for a tour of the dam’s upper area. Tours are available at the visitor’s center. There are no cameras allowed during the tour.
Shasta Lake
Shasta Lake – Shasta Lake is the lake that sits above the Shasta Dam. The lake was formed in the early 1900s because of the construction of the Shasta Dam. If you are someone who likes to spend a day out on the lake, Shasta Lake is beautiful and is surrounded by marinas. At these marinas, visitors can launch boats, eat a nice meal, camp, and even rent a houseboat. Bridge Bay Resort is a private resort just off the interstate that has houseboat rentals, a restaurant, and a boat launch. We highly recommend taking a walk out onto the dock at night and sitting under the stars. It is incredible! If you love to camp, Lake Shasta is also surrounded by campgrounds. Some of the campgrounds are boat-in and some are very remote. For more information on the surrounding campgrounds, you can Visit.
Whiskeytown Lake
Whiskeytown Lake – Whiskeytown Lake is a hot spot during the Summer in Redding because it is so close to the city. It’s beautiful crystal-clear, blue waters are surrounded by mountain peaks on all sides, making the lake an adventurous and gorgeous place to swim, kayak, or take a boat ride. However, the waters are not the only great thing about Whiskeytown Lake. The surrounding mountains hold four waterfalls, numerous creeks, and 70 miles of hiking trails. The lake is man-made and currently covers what used to be part of a small town. In 1855, the town had about 1,000 gold miners. In 1960, construction began on Whiskeytown Dam and in 1962, Whiskeytown Lake began filling with water. Sometimes it is still possible to see building foundations from the old town near the bank on the south side of the bridge that crosses over Whiskey Creek. Whiskeytown was designated as a California Historical Landmark in the beginning of the 1930s.
Coleman National Fish Hatchery
Coleman National Fish Hatchery – Located along the Battle Creek a tributary of the Sacramento River, the Coleman National Fish Hatchery produces various species of fish. You can take a self-guided tour in the hatchery any day from 7:30am to dusk.
Sacramento River Trail System
Sacramento River Trail System – This scenic, multipurpose trail winds throughout the city of Redding alongside the Sacramento River and is popular with walkers and bikers. It links to the iconic Sundial Bridge and also links to the Keswick Dam. If you love biking, the trail on the right side of the Sacramento River that leads to the Keswick Dam is the trail you will want to take. It winds uphill and downhill with a beautiful view of the crystal turquoise waters from the Sacramento river on your left the entire time.
Burney Falls
Burney Falls – Burney Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area, is located just about an hour drive away from Redding. The falls are 129 feet high and are hidden within a beautiful forest. These waterfalls are so beautiful that people in Redding make it a point to take day trips there just to see them. There is a stunning, mist-filled basin at the bottom of the falls. There is also a hiking trail that loops around and goes over the waterfalls and back to the entry point of the waterfalls. The water above Burney Falls flows reach 100 million gallons a day. You can also arrange to camp at the park.
Weaverville – Located about an hour and a half outside of Redding and to the West, Weaverville is a small mountain town that is a beautiful place to escape Redding and spend an evening. It is located in the mountains at the bottom of the Trinity Alps Wilderness. Weaverville is a historic California Gold Rush town and was founded in the 1850s.
Palo Cedro
Palo Cedro – Located just a short drive east of Redding is a small town called Palo Cedro. A hot spot to eat in Palo Cedro is Fresh Fire Grill, a restaurant that makes fantastic meals out of organic ingredients.
Mount Shasta – Mount Shasta is a stratovolcano and is the fifth highest in California. It is a member of the Cascade Volcanic Arc and is located in Siskiyou County. It is one of the most voluminous stratovolcano of the Cascades. Mount Shasta is a gorgeous sight to the eyes because it rises abruptly from miles of level ground that encircle it, and stands some 10,000 feet. Mount Shasta is popular for destination vacationing because it offers luxury resorts, wilderness camping, skiing and extreme sports.
Mount Lassen – Mount Lassen can be seen from Redding and is located a little over an hour drive away. Lassen Volcanic National Park is popular because it has beautiful campsites located on lakes hidden within the forests and mountains. For the one who craves adventure, Lassen Volcanic National Park has many adventurous opportunities, from exploring the painted sand dunes to climbing Cinder Cone. If you think you’re brave enough, you can even climb up to the peak of Mount Lassen itself and get a breathtaking view of the entire surrounding area.
Dunsmuir – Dunsmuir is a small mountain town located 45 minutes North from the city of Redding just off the I-5 North on the way to Mount Shasta. If you love driving through the mountains, the drive to Dunsmuir gives breathtaking views of the Shasta Lake and winds through the mountains the entire way there. You will also get an amazing view of Castle Craigs.
Castle Craigs
Castle Craigs – One the way to Dunsmuir and Mount Shasta, Castle Craigs stands more than 170 million years old. These granite peaks are 6000-feet tall and the hike up to the peaks is known to be one of the most challenging in the area. If you’re looking for that kind of an adventurous challenge and the explore the outdoors, Castle Crags State Park offers camping, picnicking, hiking, and fishing opportunities. The campsites have picnic tables, food lockers, and fire rings. Toilets, showers, and water fountains are available near each campsite. The famous Pacific Crest Trail also winds through the park.


Jack’s Bar & Grill
Jack’s Bar & Grill – Located off California Street, Jack’s Bar & Grill has been in the city of Redding since the late 1930s. They are know for having great cuts of beef and excellent cooking skills.
Dam Burger
Dam Burger – Dam Burger is a burger joint in downtown Redding that has been in the city since 1938. With its outdoor seating, Dam Burger is a great place to hit up on a nice, sunny day and it is located in the heart of downtown Redding near a variety of shops. We would recommend that your order the Helen Burger with the works. It is a town favorite.
Gene's Drive-In
Gene’s Drive-In – This classic burger joint is a favorite of locals and out-of-towners passing through the city, especially the thousands of classic car admirers who come into Redding during Kool April Nites. Gene’s has been in Redding since 1954. We would recommend you try the deep fried mushrooms.
Wilda’s – Wilda’s is one of the hottest spots to eat in Redding as far as popular food items go. WIlda’s serves a variety of hot dogs and falafel, but they are known for their Buddha Bowls, a bowl made from a combination of rice, beans, chicken or tofu, cabbage, jalapeños, avacado, and their special sauce. Their Buddha Bowls are served in Chinese style to-go boxes, making it a convenient meal to grab on-the-go.
Tantardini’s European Bakery & Deli
Tantardini’s European Bakery & Deli – A local, European styled bakery and deli that is owned by an Italian family. Tantardini’s brings customers ageless European recipes made from fresh, healthy ingredients and offers customers a unique European experience.
View 202
View 202 image 2
View 202 – Enjoy a delicious meal overlooking the Sacramento River at this modern American restaurant located in the heart of the city. View 202 has an elegant atmosphere and is a great place to dress up and grab dinner or to grab a drink with some friends. Best know for having a beautiful patio with several fir pits with views that overlook the Sacramento River.
Déjà Vu Restaurant and Espresso Café
Déjà Vu Restaurant and Espresso Café – If you’re looking for a great place in Redding to grab breakfast, Déjà vu is a one of a kind, popular place in town. Located in downtown Redding off California Street, Déjà vu has an old fashioned feel to it. It also has its own espresso café attached to it where you can grab a coffee. The cozy seating and space makes it a great coffee shop to camp out at if you need to relax for a while or get some work done.
Moonstone Bistro
Moonstone Bistro – If you’re looking for a fancy restaurant that offers great American style food, Moonstone Bistro is your restaurant! Moonstone Bistro is a hot spot in town for nice evening dinner dates.
Woody’s Brewing Company
Woody’s Brewing Company – If you’re looking for some good food and a great beer, Woody’s Brewing Company is a pub-styled restaurant that offers food and their own hand-crafted beer in downtown Redding. Make sure to try one of the Blond Beers.
Nello’s Place
Nello’s Place – Nello’s is a small gourmet Italian restaurant in Redding that has been around since the 1980s. It has become a landmark in Northern California for incredible Italian food. They offer the best Manicotti in town.
Café Paradisio
Café Paradisio – Located in downtown Redding, Café Paradisio serves ordinary food in extraordinary ways and carries a casually elegant atmosphere.
Janya’s Thai Cuisine
Janya’s Thai Cuisine – If you are a lover of Thai food, Janya’s Thai Cuisine is a Thai restaurant in Redding that serves delicious, authentic Thai food. Get yourself a tasty Thai dish and throw in a glass of iced Thai tea and you’re set!
C. R. Gibbs Ale House and Restaurant
C. R. Gibbs Ale House and Restaurant – If you’re passing through Redding, you can grab a hotel room and a nice dinner all in one at the Hilltop Inn. C.R. Gibbs is a restaurant located inside the Hilltop Inn of Hilltop Drive. They take pride in their fresh and unique approach to food. The restaurant has a fancy atmosphere and the food presentations are beautiful.
Cinders Wood Fired Pizza – Located in downtown Redding, Cinders is an amazing hole-in-the-wall wood fired pizza restaurant. Their unique combinations of pizza are incredible and they even have a delicious dessert nutella pizza.
MOD Pizza
MOD Pizza – Located off of Dana Drive across from the Shasta Mall, MOD Pizza gives customers the freedom to build their own pizza with as many toppings as they want, no extra charge. It’s a great spot for families or friend groups and the pizza is delicious!
Coffee Bar
Coffee Bar – If you like a good cup of high-quality strong coffee, Coffee Bar is the place for you. Located in downtown Redding, Coffee Bar prides itself its direct relationship with coffee bean growers, traders and roasters. The business operates under non-profit status and proceeds benefit Innovations Housing, which builds helps low-income housing and works on other charitable endeavors.
Heritage Roasting Company – If you want a good place to camp out while you enjoy a cup of coffee, Heritage offers free Wi-Fi and is known for its rustic feel, spaciousness and cozy seating. Heritage serves freshly roasted coffee, espresso, tea, chai, and other specialties in the heart of Shasta Lake. It’s also an awesome place to grab a coffee when checking out the Shasta Dam!
Dutch Bros
Dutch Bros – If you are a grab-and-go kind of person when it comes to coffee, there are several Dutch Bros coffee huts located around the city of Redding. Dutch Bros prides itself in its customer service, and the baristas always purpose to create and engage in intentional conversations with the customers so they will feel seen, known and valued. Dutch is also known for its unique coffee combinations, from the Kicker to the Russian to the Cookie to the Zombie.
The Stirring Coffeehouse
The Stirring Coffeehouse – This coffeehouse is inside of The Stirring, a local church in Redding. It is popular because it is spacious and offers a variety of seating. It also has a delicious food menu put together by a couple who caters locally.


Redding Airport – The Redding Municipal Airport is a small, full service airport that provides commercial airline passenger service, aviation related services and aircraft hangars for lease. It provides flights out to nearby major airports such as Sacramento or San Francisco.
RABA – Redding Area Bus Authority. All over Redding you can find bus stops that can help you get from one place to another. Often times the bus stop will have a cover, bench and a map.
Train Station – The Redding Train Station was built by the Southern Pacific Railroad in the early 1920s and is served by Amtrak’s Coast Starlight.