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Why Work With Us?

We believe that strength lies in the Differences not in the similarities.

That begs the question, how is Authority Property Management different from its other property management competitors. Let’s break down how we are different from our competitors. From our years of experience, we know and understand that most if not all property owners are looking for similar things. You want to have peace of mind. You want to know that you have a trusted, dedicated professional team looking after your rental property. Of course, you are looking to maximize profit and minimize expenses but hey, every property manager or management service states they can do these things. Why is Authority Property Management different? Let’s take 5 – 7 minutes to look at the differences.


6 Proven steps for providing peace of mind.

1. Property Management Consultation & Market Overview

One of the most critical aspects of a successful property manager is understanding the property owners current and future needs. We are invited into over 100 homes each year to sit down and discuss a property owners needs for property management. We spend time getting to know you, your needs and goals for your properties. This sets the stage for a great relationship and allows us to lay out the perfect plan for you and your rental properties to ensure your success and peace of mind.

2. Marketing Approach

We believe that you must get the properties in front of the right potential renters. The days of advertising in the newspaper are fading. With 85% of prospective renters searching online for their next rental it is essential to utilize several strategies. First thing first let’s start with the best possible photos and walk-through videos for the rental listings we build. Yes, we did say walk-through videos. From there we place your rental listings are on no less the 45 websites all across the United States. You just never know where someone may be moving from or where they may be looking. They may be searching on Craig’s list, Apartments .com or even Zillow. You just never know so we blast out our rentals on too a ton of rental sites. Don’t forget Social Media. People now spend 1-3 hours per day surfing Facebook, Instagram, and other social sites. We have many campaigns running at any given time on social media sites.

3. Face to Face Property Showings.

We get calls regularly asking if someone can pick up a key and have a look on their own. Sure we could just allow the prospective renter we don’t know to come by and pick up a key as many of our competitors do. We at Authority Property Management say “NO WAY.” We feel it is best to show all of the rental homes and apartments in person. In person, showings allow the prospective renter the opportunity to thoroughly learn about the rental property they may be leasing in future. In person showings help avoid any misunderstanding and will enable us to ensure the home is locked up while unattended. We have a dedicated showing rep’s that visits the property and meets the prospective tenants, educating them on all of the fantastic features of the rental home or apartment. Does this require extra effort? You bet it does, but we Believe it is worth it to find the best tenants. By the way, we have a neat feature built into our website so that prospective tenants can set appointments online even while we are closed. How is that for making it simple.

4. Tenant Selection.

We are sure you have heard the horror stories about tenants thrashing a home or living in it for months without paying. It does happen, but with Authority Property Management it is very rare. Last year it was less than .007 percent for the tenants we placed. Yes, that is under one percent, and we filled over 425 homes or apartments in 2017. We have seen it many times where it appears that another property manager just “slammed and jammed” a tenant in to get the rent started so they could begin collecting a fee. Not here at Authority. We have a laser-focused system for choosing the best tenants. Now we can’t give away all of the secrets on how this is done unless you are working with us, but you can learn some of the general ideas by clicking here. Learn more!

5. Tenant Injection.

We know every property owner looks to have the move in process run super smoothly. We believe it a crucial part of setting the stage and expectations for the new tenant’s relationship and to provide excellent property management services for the owner and tenant. Let’s get it right from the beginning. Let’s have a time-tested bulletproof lease agreement with all of the right disclosures and protections for the property owners. Let’s deliver it in a format that provides the new tenant with clear expectations and directions. Once the documents are in place, and the move in funds have been collected we can deliver keys to your new tenants. Now they can move in.

6. Go Time

Now the new tenant is all moved in. This may seem like a great time to relax but it time to remain focused and get to work.

Property Preservation.

We know you as the property owner most definitely want to keep your home in excellent condition. In our industry, this is a common place for a property owner or even a property manager to let the focus drift. At Authority Property Management we have built our follow up systems from the ground up to ensure that work order requests are handled promptly. We offer a tenant portal that allows our tenants to place a work order online 24/7. Each time a repair request is issued we connect with the tenant to ascertain the best plan of action for the repair and the property owner. Each time a repair request is handled we have a feedback survey that shoots out to the tenant to ensure satisfaction and follow up. Wait don’t forget the property owner they want to be in the loop. Each month you will be provided with a copy of a work order request and the paid invoice.

Dispute and resolutions.

When there are disputes, you want a resolution. Joline and I, being in the property management business for the past 14 years have a combined experience of almost 25 years you can rest assured we have seen a lot. We have the answers and negotiation skills to smooth things out providing win, win situations. Owners don’t want to be presented with problems you want solutions, and we have them.

Case in point

We were looking after a beautiful home that was having a huge deck replaced. The property owner had been hard at work on the new deck, and unfortunately, the current tenant gave notice due to a job change. The property owner shifted his focus to the interior of the home so that he could upgrade a few things and make ready for a new tenant. We were able to get it rented straight away. The property owner was thrilled but here is where it get interesting. Just two weeks after the tenant moved in the heater failed requiring several thousand dollars in repairs. The funds needed to finish the deck needed to be allocated to the heater delaying the deck completion. From this, we are sure you can imagine the tenant was disappointed as they felt they were paying full rent but didn’t have full use of the property. The property owner was feeling some severe stress as it seemed like the hits just kept coming. We knew he needed a month or two to catch up after spending funds on the deck, having a vacancy, utilizing resources to make the interior ready and then purchasing a heater. We had a solution. We offered the current resident a small rent concession, and he was thrilled. He said “ wow thank you. I expected the property owner just to say it is what it is & too bad”. Now the tenant is happy. The owner can have a bit of a reprieve from the situation, and we have a win, win.

Leveraging the team!

We have a team of highly dedicated professionals working hard each day to provide amazing service and results for our clients. Each member of our team is provided the cutting edge tools and training needed to remain highly successful. We also believe everyone we interact with should feel welcome, special and appreciated. We are sure our competitors have similar statements to make, but we can back it up. Prove it you say. Our office was chosen as 2017 Best of the North State Winner for “ Best Real Estate Office’ We are in no way attempting to boast, but we know you are not interested in smoke and mirrors.


Why work with us? – We are dedicated to Making Rentals Simple.


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Customer Testimonials

5 Gold StarsWonderful people and easy to get along with. They are managing several of our rental homes and two apartments. We are glad to have found a company that can do the job and keep our tenants happy.– Lamar Vargas

5 Gold StarsI only have 1 rental property with this property manager as my others are in Southern California. I wish they would open an office down here. I never have troubles with my rental in Redding. Authority keeps everything moving smoothly and has great communication. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a property manager in Redding CA.– Vivian Barnes

5 Gold StarsI was able to see a rental, apply, obtain approval and get keys within two days. I was super impressed with this management company and the speed they displayed. I have recommended them to two other family friends and they both were happy with the results.– Tyler M

5 Gold StarsI had totally lost control of my rental property and the tenant was not paying anything for several months. Joline was able to get everything straightened out in just a week with the tenant. The tenant is now caught up on the rent and I was sent photos of an inspection of the interior of the home. What a relief. I should have got a property manager from the very beginning. Thank you, Joline, you saved me.– Ubab Arian

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