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Property Management Company choices?

Why should I choose your Property Management Company?            best choice


Rental property owners are often asking “what makes us different from other property management companies in Redding”. The next question is “Why should I choose your company”. These questions get us very excited as we enjoy working with owners who want to do well in the rental game. A property owner that will interview multiple property management companies is looking to be successful. These are the best owners to work with. We also have a good idea why we can provide extra value over our competition.

1. We are not looking to be the biggest property management company in town. Our goal is to be the best. The absolute best! The people you can count on to be there when you need them most. We value each property owner and their tenant. Larger companies throw a property into the big machine with tons of moving parts and the little details start getting missed. Tenants feel their concerns are not being heard. The property owner feels unimportant if they call in and get a different member of the team each time. You don’t want to feel as though you and your property are just a cog in a machine.

Authority Property Management has been built on treating every individual with respect. We believe it is important to have a relationship built on trust and mutual respect with both the property owners and the tenants. Many of the bigger firms treat tenants with disrespect and it begins to show in the care the tenants take with the property. We know the first step in respecting those you work with is communication. That’s the foundation on which our property management company is built on. We also believe that it’s very important to communicate well with you and to answer questions and provide information in an efficient and accurate manner. We are proud of our professionalism and the way we respond to our owners and our tenants. We are the master of over communication.

 2. We believe in marketing – marketing and more marketing. We advertise our properties on over 30 websites. Crag’s List, Zillow, Tulia, and many more. We also offer tons of details in our listings. Most, if not all properties on our website have a walk-through video in the listing. We are the only property management company to offer this service at no charge. The fact of the matter is the marketing is the key to success with rentals. When you have several applications on a property you have a better chance of getting a good tenant. If you were going to hire you would not just interview one applicant would you? Showings = Applications and those = tenants. We don’t prequalify prospective tenants before showing units.

3. We have the technology to be highly successful. We offer both a tenant portal online and an owner portal. Tenants can easily pay rent online and have it deducted from their checking account. Property owners also have a portal to view property reports and owner report. In this day and age, you should have access to the analytics for your portfolio. Don’t worry, we didn’t leave the owners out. As a property owner, you can sign up for direct deposit. Going to the bank is so 80’s. Now you funds hit your account without any work on your part.

   Communication with property management 4. We have communication covered. Email, texting, Facebook, Twitter, Link-in, snail mail, texting and in person are just a few ways we are able to communicate with our clients.

        So, you ask why? We are dedicated to being the absolute best. Not the biggest. We are committed to treating you and your tenants with respect.


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Posted by: aaronrobertson on June 25, 2015
Posted in: Property Owners