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Millennials – The new tenant

Millennials tenants, how to reach them and work with them.

Times are evolving, and the old way of doing business is not attracting the next generation.  Who is this next generation? They are called the Millennials; they are the tech-savvy generation. They have grown up with technology, they adapt quickly to new devices and perform computer-based tasks more quickly than older generations.  Millennials are comfortable with the internet and social media. This comfort with social media means they are good at self-promotion and fostering connections through online media.  Millennials are less likely than previous generations to put up with unpleasantness and much more likely to use social networking to broadcast their concerns. On the other hand, satisfied Millennials are often advocates for the business they interact with, providing honest, free — and convincing — public relations.  millennials

So what does this mean for Property Managers and Landlords looking to reach the Millennials?  It means you need an internet presence.  Millennials are more likely to connect with you through your online avenues.  No internet presence means major missed opportunities.  Millennials are not driving around looking for properties to rent.  They are looking at their phones.  Millennials do their research online.  So for Property Managers, this means your site needs to be user-friendly, more importantly, your site needs to be mobile friendly. Property Management Company’s that provide more useful content in their advertising of properties, for instance, pictures and/or walkthrough videos promote a more enjoyable online experience.  They check out what they are going to buy or who they are going to do business with. Millennials care about other people’s opinions and a good customer experience. Nowadays so many people have the ability to write reviews regarding their experiences online for all to read and having it readily available for anyone and everyone to find,  demands that you pay attention to your online presence.  Thank people for taking the time to write a review, positive or negative it all helps to improve your customer service. It shows you pay attention and you care about the type of business you do. Millennials support businesses that are dedicated to improving their customers’ lives and have informative content. More than 7 out of 10 Millennials consult, react or post about products, brands, and companies on social media.

 When advertising your rental properties, use the environment around your residential homes and apartments, for example, townhouse close to shopping, Apartments close to local transportation.  Millennials like to walk or ride their bikes.  They look for apbikeartments or housing near their work or school to facilitate more economical modes of transportation.  Millennials like to be as green as possible. Providing your customers with the ability to apply online and pay their application fees online speeds up the application process. Once an individual is a tenant offering tenant portals for paying their rent and placing work orders online allows tenants to address issues on their timeline.  If online is not your expertise, you may want to invest in some lessons.  Millennials look for the positive experience, the ease of doing business and the ability to have an input.  They will share positive experiences, and they will most assuredly share their negative experiences. Authority Property Management of Redding CA. offers many technologies to help millennials fell comfortable before becoming a tenant and after.


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Posted by: joline on October 22, 2015