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Tenant appreciation

Great Opportunities to Thank Your Tenants


As a landlord, it is important that you maintain excellent communication and relationships with your tenants so that you not only keep them as tenants but also so that you keep a good reputation as a landlord. One way that you can build great relationships with your tenants and maintain a great reputation as a landlord is by taking little opportunities to thank your tenants. Taking the time to say a simple “thank you” can leave a greater impact on your tenants than you may realize. Here are a few opportunities that we suggest are great opportunities for you to thank your tenants!

  1. When they pay their rent – When your tenants pay their rent, especially on time, it is a great opportunity to thank them! Your tenants are essentially your customers, so in the same way that you would thank a customer for buying your products or services, it is great to make it a point to thank your tenants for paying their rent.
  2. When they refer friends – If you own more than one rental home and apartment and your current tenants recommend your properties to their friends, thank them for it! By spreading the word about you and your properties to their friends, your tenants are doing word-of-mouth marketing for you and are essentially helping to increase your business as a landlord.
  3. When they make suggestions – Because your tenants are the ones living in your rental home or apartment and are the ones experiencing your services, they may have ideas. If they do, it is good to listen and take notes of their suggestions because it could potentially help you grow as a landlord and create a better experience for future tenants. Taking in your tenants’ suggestions can help you greatly in the long run!
  4. When they report maintenance – The condition of your property will either increase or decrease your chances of finding great tenants and having a thriving business as a landlord. So when your tenants report maintenance that needs to be done, they are ultimately helping you to succeed as a landlord. Therefore, when your tenants report maintenance that needs to be done, it is a great opportunity to thank them!

If you would like more information on how you can build great relationships between you and your tenants, it would be great to get some advice from a property manager! A property manager oversees and manages the critical tasks of rental properties such as finding tenants, taking and managing security deposits, making sure rent payments are made on time, keeping the property in top-notch shape, and managing communication between landlords and tenants. If you feel that it would be a good investment for you to hire a property management company to take care of these tasks for you, Authority Property Management does property management in Redding and would love to help you!


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Posted by: joline on May 4, 2016
Posted in: Residential Leasing