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Viewing property questions.

Things to Look for When Viewing a Property
viewing property

When it comes to viewing a house or apartment that you are potentially thinking about renting, whether long-term or short-term, it is important that you not only know what you want and need in a rental, but that you also take time to walk around the place to see if those wants and needs are all actually there. Many times, people walk in to view a rental, and because the place is spacious or nicely polished, they do a quick walk-through and commit to it, only to find out later that some of the things they originally wanted or needed in a place are actually not there. If you are looking to rent a house or apartment, it is important that as you view rentals, you have your wants and needs in mind and take as much time as you need to in order to see if all of those things are really there. As property managers in Redding and Shasta County who have over 20 years of experience managing rental properties, we would like to offer you some questions that can help you discover what you are wanting and needing in a house or apartment so that you will be fully prepared and will know what to look for when you go to view rentals.

  1. Are you looking for something long-term or short-term?
  2. How much storage are you wanting and how much storage is there?
  3. Are the rooms big enough for your needs?
  4. Do you like where the rental is located as far as the city and the surrounding area?
  5. Do you need a rental that comes with major appliances (refrigerator, microwave, washer, dryer) or do you have your own?
  6. How many bathrooms do you need? Are the bathrooms spacious enough for you? How is the plumbing?
  7. Do you want a yard? Is there a yard? Is it spacious enough?
  8. Is the overall layout of the house or apartment what you are looking for?
  9. Are the windows and roof up to date?
  10. What is parking like?

While there are more questions you can ask yourself to get a good idea of what you are wanting and needing in a rental home or apartment, these are some of the basic questions that we hope will help you to know the majority of your needs and wants in a rental. If you have any questions or would like more information on what to look for when viewing a rental, feel free to call us at 530-410-6085! We do property management in Redding and Shasta County and would love to help you with anything you may need!

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Posted by: joline on June 6, 2016
Posted in: Prospective Tenants