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Holidays can build connections

Making the Most of the Holidays

The holiday season is here, and Christmas is around the corner. And as a landlord, the holidays are an excellent opportunity to build connections with or mend connections with your tenants. Intentionality is incredibly impactful when it comes to your relationships with your tenants. Putting in a little extra intention and effort around the holidays when it comes to showing your tenants that you care about having a connection with them will go a long way. You will not only gain a great relationship with your tenants, but you will also build a great reputation for yourself as a landlord as well as obtain great reviews from your current tenants to gain new tenants in the future. So what are some ways you can make the most of this Christmas season when it comes to building greater relationships with your tenants? As property managers in Redding and Shasta County who have over twenty years of experiencing managing rental properties, we would like to offer some suggestions that we feel are great for building greater connections with your tenants.Holidays

1. SEND CHRISTMAS CARDS – giving your tenants a Christmas card might seem insignificant or like a waste of money, but in a day and age where it’s so easy to send people messages with a touch of a button, handwritten cards and letters are incredibly intentional. Taking the time to sit down and write a personal card to each of your tenants shows a lot of care because it is very intentional. Sending Christmas cards with photos of you and your family on the front is even better!
2. DELIVERING HOLIDAY TREATS – it is an awesome feeling to walk up to your door and find a bag of treats from your landlord hanging from your door. Or to see your landlord walking around the apartment complex handing out fresh baked cookies. Everyone loves a good treat or dessert, especially if it’s free. A simple act like this during the Christmas season will go a long way in showing your tenants that you think about them and care about them and aren’t just in it for the money. And if you have kids, you can also enjoy great quality time with your kids baking cookies and going around with them to hand them out.
3. HOSTING HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES – another great way to create and build connections not only between you and your tenants but also between the tenants themselves is to host holiday activities. Some ideas are organizing a secret Santa gift exchange or a white elephant gift exchange party. Make a mealtime out of it by having everyone bring a potluck dish to the party. Another awesome activity to do is to organize a Christmas caroling outing for your tenants to come to. Throw in the idea of coming back and drinking hot chocolate or making s’mores over a fire together, and it could be an incredible night!
If you would like more information as to how you can best manage your rental properties or your relationships with your tenants, feel free to give us a call at (530) 410-6085. We do property management in Redding and Shasta County and would love to help you in any way we can!

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Posted by: joline on November 26, 2016