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How To Find A Tempory Home That Allows Pets.

The Know-How To Finding Your tempory Pet-Friendly Tempory Home

We don’t handle Airbnb but get asked a lot of questions about tempory housing. This blog post covers some aspects of Airbnb you might want to consider if you have pets.

When you are faced with a situation where you need to rent a home or apartment for a short period of time, it is not always easy to find the right place. When you add to the issue that you have a beloved pet that you cannot leave behind, the situation seems impossible.

Airbnb is a service that homeowners who are in need of temporary tenants use to help them find people in your position. In essence, Airbnb is the conduit that connects those with temporary housing needs to those with available housing.

Airbnb is a popular and service. Homes and accommodations are listed and revised continually as supply and demand affect the listings. Once you sign up for the service and understand your options and responsibilities, you are encouraged to check back until you find and secure the home you are seeking.Photo of a kitty in a cup

How do you know if they will accept pets?

When you are viewing an accommodation, there is a tab to click labeled “amenities.” Click the tab and look for “Pets allowed amenities.” If that field is checked, you are allowed to bring your pet. However, you should be aware that there could be a pet fee and there is usually a one-time clean-up fee. You are also responsible for any damage or problems the pet may incur.

What about my service animal?

The law requires that a service animal is allowed to go with his or her owner to most places. In the case of an Airbnb contract, the animal will be allowed unless having the animal there could cause injury to the homeowner or person subletting his property out.

For example, if Mr. Homeowner has a serious allergy to dogs and your service animal is a dog, you cannot bring the dog to his home. It can cause the homeowner to become seriously ill or even to die in rare cases, While it is true, you have a right to use your service animal, Mr. Homeowner has a right to retrieve his property in usable condition, and your service dog would render it unusable for the property owner.

What if you are the one with the allergies?
Let’s say you have an allergy to cat fur. You would need to know before you entered the property if the homeowner or previous tenant had a cat (which would make you ill). Again, click on the tab labeled “amenities” on the Airbnb website. If you see “Pet Owner Listed” this means the homeowner it previous tenant had a pet. You can inquire about the type of pet, or you can move on to the next listing which is pet free.

What is expected

Just as you would respect your neighbors and your neighbor’s property in your own home, you are expected to be responsible and considerate neighbors while staying in an Airbnb home. It must be said that this service is very selective with clients, and they receive very few complaints from neighbors (average of 1-18,000), but occasionally an issue comes up. Airbnb has a system in place that allows neighbors to register a complaint. They will take appropriate action, but it is rarely needed. Simple common courtesy is all that is needed.

Control your dog and bring it inside if he is excessively barking
Make sure you keep your animal secure If your animal makes a mess, clean it up Do not let your dog roam to other people’s property when he must go outdoors

Other animals
The great thing about Airbnb is they understand that all pets are not dogs or cats. They can help you connect with the homeowner who owns a ferret, pet pig, chicken, or monkey. Communication is all that is required for a great and equally satisfying subleasing experience.

Guest Post provided by Wendy Dessler

We at Authority Property Management don’t offer properties all too often that is short-term or tempory.  Airbnb can be a great resource if you are needing a home or apartment for just a few months or less.


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