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Property Management and your success

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Property owners and landlords often struggle with delegating their property control to a third party. However, property management has significantly improved. Today, property managers offer myriad of services to their clients. This makes them a tremendous asset to property owners and landlords as well. If you are contemplating on enlisting the services of property managers, here is how a property manager can help you.

High-quality tenants

In an age when the crime is high, you must be careful about who you allow to live in your rentals. Now more than ever, tenant screening is crucial. Remember that tenants are protected by law, and it can be very hard to get rid of a bad tenant. Property managers have the skills and expertise to bring in quality tenants. These are tenants who will pay on time, stay in the rentals for longer, handle the rental unit responsibly and not be a nuisance. Property managers are able to dig through hundreds of applications and look out for warning signs. On your own, you may not have the time, experience and skills to identify the best tenants. A property manager plays a critical role in ensuring that you do not fall victim to rental scams.

Fewer litigation costs

We live in a highly litigious society. One disgruntled tenant can take you through a long and strenuous legal battle. Defending yourself in court also has financial and time implications. Tenancy laws are subject to various changes. You may not be in a position to keep up with the numerous amendments. A property manager will make it their business to know the latest laws. This goes a long way in shielding you from legal battles. Remember that municipalities also have tenancy laws. State and municipality laws generally cover the following areas:

• Tenant screening
• Evictions
• Termination leases
• Rent collection
• Inspections
• Safety of the property
• Security deposits

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For instance, failure to meet the safety requirements needed can make you liable for injuries worth thousands of dollars. In addition to this, a single lawsuit can cost you hundreds of dollars. Property managers prepare thorough and detailed tenant agreements to reduce exposure to lawsuits. They will also advise you on the relevant insurance covers to protect you financially from lawsuits that can cripple you financially.

Reduction of vacancy cycles

The real estate industry is highly competitive. Tenants are always on the lookout for better and more improved housing units. Property management services play a critical role in ensuring that your rental units are full all year long. Property managers suggest and undertake cosmetic improvements to improve the aesthetic value of your property. This helps to attract prospective clients and retain the ones you have. Another way to reduce vacancy cycles is to set the right rent rates. If you charge too high, your units will remain vacant. On the other hand, low rates mean that you will not make good returns from your property. Property managers have local and industry knowledge that helps them set the most optimal price.

Shorter vacancy cycles also mean that you market your property effectively. The day one unit becomes vacant, it should take only a few weeks to get another occupant. Property managers use both digital and print media to market your property. Again, they are also able to negotiate for cheaper advertising rates because they mainly advertise in volumes. They also attend local property shows as a long-term marketing strategy. Shorter vacancy cycles mean more returns on your investment. This is another compelling reason to work with a property manager.

Efficient rent collection systems

The success or failure of your rental business is largely pegged on your rent collection processes and systems. In order to maintain consistent cash flow, rent has to be collected on time. There is also the need for tenants to understand that the system is fixed and not negotiable. On your own, you may not be in a position to enforce this process and system. Again, you may be too sympathetic on the excuses that tenants give. The property manager acts as a buffer and does the messy work of chasing down rent and evicting tenants when necessary.

Many property owners and landlords can give you experiences of how tenants have walked over them and taken advantage of their kindness in extending deadlines. Landlords have incurred massive losses due to such tenants. A property manager ensures that there is a system in place. Tenants pay faster when there is a strict system in place. This is because they are aware of the consequences of late payment.

Increasing the property value

Maintenance is another key area that can make the difference between losses and profits. Property managers are able to put in systems that deal with repairs and maintenance issues in good time. Taking too long to make repairs means that you incur more costs later. Property managers use a maintenance check program to ensure that all systems and units are working properly. They also have contacts of technicians who can conduct repairs speedily. The property firm will also advise you on systems and upgrades that can help increase the value of your property. The modifications can also allow for rent adjustments.

The role of property managers has shifted from the basic rent collection. Today, property managers optimize your investments to ensure that you fetch high returns. Technology also allows for smoother and more efficient property management services.

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Posted by: aaronrobertson on September 12, 2017
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