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Rental Approval Next Steps

Rental Approval whats the next steps!         Rental approval stamp

Congratulations, the rental approval process has begun! After all the waiting and hoping the home is finally yours. Here is what happens next, just take five! That is five steps, of course.

These five rental steps will provide insight and knowledge to ensure your move-in day goes as smoothly as possible. Here, at Authority Property Management we hope to give you the best rental experience starting from the application process all the way to the day you hand us keys for your move out.

Step 1: As soon as you receive our phone call letting you know of your approval of the desired rental property, one of the first things we will mention to you is joining our Online Tenant Portal. The Portal will be one of your most helpful tools while renting with us. You may be asking yourself why it would be helpful, I will explain more about the Portal later on.

Step 2: Shortly after we discuss the online portal, we will then move on to communicating with you about the deposit and the holding deposit form. This form and the deposit money secure the rental property to your name. It is removed from our advertising and also keeps you accountable for leasing the property. For as much as it commits you to the property, it also keeps us liable to you. We, as a company, can no longer seek to find future tenants for the property. We are committed to you for the particular property. One of the most common errors we see here is when future tenants get the holding deposit form and the lease mixed up. Although the form does close the deal, the lease provides greater in-depth information about obtaining the property.

Step 3: A very important part of renting a home with us is transferring the utilities in your name. We take care of the hard work for you by finding the utility providers for the home and supplying the number to call, all you have to do is simply make the phone call and “WALLA” it is complete. By transferring the utilities in your name you are promised to not walk into a cold and dark home.

Step 4: Let’s take a look back at Step 1, and discuss what all the Online Tenant Portal in tells. You can access the portal by visiting our website – Located at the top bar you will notice a box entitled Tenants, here is where you will find access to the portal. Once on the portal, you will notice four sections which include, Your Current Balance, Your Lease Agreement, Address, and Maintenance request. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the portal. It is a very helpful tool that can assist in many ways if there happens to be a time that we are unable to get a hold of.

Step 5: Stay true to your move-in date. It is very important that we receive an accurate move in date so we can prepare and be ready for you to pick up your keys. We strive to be as helpful as possible while assisting you with excellence. When we receive a secured move in date we are busy behind the scenes making sure to have your future home ready for your arrival.

Now that you have been informed of our – five-step rental approval process, you will be pleasantly surprised with how well your move-in process will become! If you ever have any further questions regarding your move-in process we will be here, ready to assist you.

Happy  Rental Approval Day!

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Posted by: aaronrobertson on December 15, 2017
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