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Breaking Rental Lease

How to Correctly Break Your Rental Lease

The moving process is never fun, especially when it involves breaking a rental lease. Altering a rental lease accurately will make it easier for both you as the renter and us as the rentees. It doesn’t have to be a messy, or difficult process. Let’s take some time to go over how to correctly break your rental lease.

Taking responsibility is important.

  Tenants are responsible for the rent until the end of the lease. Or until another tenant is found and begins paying rent.  Another responsibility includes the fee to advertise and refill the property. The fee amount is one half of the monthly rent payment. It is important to us that tenants know their rights to request and be present at an initial inspection. The purpose of this is to allow the opportunity to remedy any deficiencies in a timely manner. This will be helpful to minimize or avoid deductions from the security deposit. Communicating and obtaining given responsibilities appropriately, ensures a favorable outcome for correctly breaking a rental lease.

Communication is key.

It is vital that we know your plans for vacating the property. With communicating prior to moving out, we can work with the tenant to fill the propertCommunication with your property manager. y with new tenants. We will begin the marketing process for the rental home as soon as the tenant communicates their desire to vacate the property.  Authority Property Management takes action quickly to arrange appointments for prospective tenants to view the home. Keep in mind the more showings allowed, the greater the possibility of renting it out quickly.

After giving your notice to break a rental lease, there is still room to revoke or modify the move-out date. To do this, the first contributing factor would be to contact us. We would then work on the approval of the change. If the property is already re-rented, it will be difficult or impossible to grant the request. Whether the decision is to keep the desired date to break a rental lease or revoke it, Authority Property Management is here to help with great customer service.

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Posted by: aaronrobertson on January 5, 2018
Posted in: Current Tenants