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Rental Properties And Robot Vacuums

Rental Properties And Robot Vacuums, Do they work?

If there is one household task most people frown on, it has been the time-consuming task of vacuuming. In years past, this job consisted of carrying a cumbersome, bulky vacuum cleaner from room to room, where you constantly had to plug-unplug the machine. While this may have helped build up your muscles from carrying such a heavy appliance around the house, it often made it difficult to get the entire house cleaned in one day. But as we all know, technology has made its way into more and more aspects of our lives, and vacuum cleaners are no exception. As a result, we now have robotic vacuum cleaners in more and more of our homes, and they seem to be growing in popularity by the day. If you are busy with the kids, work, or both, here are some tips we want to share with you about the usefulness of a robot vacuum in your home.Robot Vacuume Rental Property

Saving Time
For those of us who have lived in rental properties over the years, we know how valuable our time can be each day. Between taking care of the kids, feeding and cleaning up after our pets, and of course going to work several days each week, time is a precious commodity. By investing in a robotic vacuum cleaner, we suddenly find ourselves wondering what to do with our abundance of free time. Whether its’ a stroll through a park, treating ourselves to a shopping trip, or simply taking a much-needed nap, our robot vacuums come to the rescue.Heavy Vacuume - Rental

Consider the Prices
As we’ve all seen by now, today’s robotic vacuums look like small versions of flying saucers whizzing around from one room to another. However, while they all may look the same, their prices can differ tremendously. Depending on the various capabilities our vacuums may possess, prices can range from as low as $150 all the way up to $1000 or more. Therefore, before you decide to take the plunge into 21st-century vacuuming, take a look at several different models, give one or two a test drive if possible, then step back and let your new best friend get to work.

Setting Boundaries
By this, we don’t mean having a serious talk with your robotic vacuum about appropriate or inappropriate behavior. Instead, we are referring to one of the best features found on these high-tech marvels, which is known as creating what is called a virtual wall. A feature found on most of today’s robotic vacuum cleaners, this allows those of us occupying rental properties to set boundaries the vacuum will not cross, such as doorways or other openings. In doing so, we will have little to worry about, knowing our robotic vacuums will behave themselves each and every day.

Nonstop Cleaning
While most of us wish we could go 24/7, that’s simply not possible. So while we may need our eight hours of sleep each night, our robotic vacuums can go virtually nonstop while cleaning our homes. To accomplish this, they can use their automatic recharging feature. When our robotic vacuums get tired, they just head back to their docking station, where they grab a quick nap and then get back to work. But unlike us who tend to push ourselves way past our limits, our vacuums know their limitations and make sure they strike the perfect balance between work and rest.

Minimal Maintenance
Along with making our lives more convenient, today’s robotic vacuums are built to need very little maintenance. Once these vacuums are part of our homes, all we need to do from then on is clean their filters and brushes, replace their dust bags on a regular basis, and of course, keep sharp items and other potentially damaging debris out of their way. If we do this, our vacuums will be members of our happy household for many years to come.

Great Multi-Taskers
If there is one thing we know robotic vacuums are known for, it’s great multi-taskers. Along with being able to detect various types of surfaces such as carpeting, tile, and hardwood floors, we can also program them to use their vast network of sensors to dart around furniture, corners, toys, and even kids and pets who are always moving from one spot to another. By having vacuums that are so great at juggling numerous tasks simultaneously, we can sit back, watch our vacuums work their magic, and enjoy the rest of our day.

As we learn to embrace this latest aspect of technology, there is little doubt we will come to wonder how we ever existed without a robot vacuum. So rather than spend our valuable free time using old-school vacuum cleaners in today’s modern rental properties, take advantage of today’s modern marvels and let the robot do the work for you.

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Posted by: aaronrobertson on December 11, 2018