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8 Property Management Blogs Every Landlord Should Be Reading.


Property Management Blogs, Landlords Need to Read!


Updated 5-13-2019

When it comes to property management, we realize there are many issues to deal with each day. From making sure tenants pay their rent to go into a property after a tenant leaves and making it look like new, there are plenty of issues that can make property management a time-consuming process. However, thanks to the internet, there is more information than ever available to landlords wanting to know how to make property management as easy and profitable as possible. If you find yourself at a crossroads when it comes to getting the information you need to make sure properties are managed in an effective and efficient manner, here are eight property management blogs we believe every landlord should be reading.

Property Management Blogs - Authority Property Management

The Bigger Pockets Blog

Whether it’s information on real estate investing, personal finance, marketing strategies, or simply how to be a successful businessperson, The Bigger Pockets Blog has this and much more for your reading pleasure. One of the most common topics on this blog concerns tenant issues and how landlords should handle them, which is key to making a landlord’s job as easy as possible. In addition to this topic, we particularly like the emphasis on real estate investing, since a smart real estate pro is always on the lookout for the next great tip that will help them land a new property for their portfolio.

And along with its great articles, we also like its other features as well. For example, if you want to connect to other landlords or investors in your area, you can go to the Network section, where you can search from a member base of well over 1 million people. Along with this, you can also find real estate events in your area, search for local reputable contractors, browse videos and sign up for webinars, and even visit the blog’s store to purchase books on various real estate topics.


As its name implies, this blog is all about everything landlords need to know about managing properties. When we visited this site, we were very impressed with the variety of topics it contains. Laws and regulations, evictions, pets, security deposits, maintenance and renovations, and taxes are just some of the many topics we traversed. Finding the articles to be very in-depth and full of useful information, we think almost any landlord will greatly benefit from paying regular visits to Landlordology.

And as an added bonus with this blog, landlords can sign up to get free updates via email. By doing so, they can get updates on various changes to real estate laws, as well as weekly tips and articles that can offer insight into many areas of concern. If you’re wondering how to handle tenants who lock themselves out of their apartment on numerous occasions, how to break the news to an excellent tenant that their rent is increasing, or various other topics, we recommend you visit Landlordology.

​Real Property Management

Filled with informative articles, we found Real Property Management to be one of the most professional blogs we’ve encountered regarding property management. Along with the usual topics about property management, we like the fact that this blog covered topics that aren’t often discussed on other blogs, such as emergency preparedness, illegal rentals, and enforcing a lease on such issues as over-occupancy and unauthorized pets. In addition, this site also has a Landlord Center that offers such sections as Tips, Tricks, and FAQs, a Do-It-Yourself Landlord Guide, and a Landlord Calculator.

A site filled with useful information, Real Property Management has received many awards and other forms of recognition for its emphasis on giving landlords the latest information on many of today’s most relevant topics. Like any industry, real estate is constantly changing, and landlords need to keep up with the latest industry trends to maximize their time and money.

Multifamily Executive 

One of the more interesting blogs we’ve visited recently, Multifamily Executive provides landlords with articles on many topics in business and finance. However, it also delves into other topics that are very important to modern property management, such as design and development, technology, and demographics regarding renting trends. Emphasizing how current industry trends lead to constant changes in property management, this blog offers information we think any landlord in today’s competitive real estate world needs to know. Whether it’s reading an article about the latest trends in student housing, how to prepare in the event your properties are located near wildfires, or how to make it as easy as possible to obtain construction permits, Multifamily Executive is one website we think will only grow in popularity in the years ahead. To see it for yourself, visit


If you want a website where you can submit a question you’ve got about a particular property management issue and get answers from people all over the world, Reddit is for you. While we love the format and the diversity this blog offers, we also like the honesty that comes through in the answers people submit. In addition to this, we noticed people on this blog are determined to be as helpful as possible in answering even the toughest and most unusual questions. For example, we noticed some people submitting questions and concerns about the possibility they may leave the field due to feeling overwhelmed. In most instances, the answers they received were very positive and upbeat, yet still very realistic. No matter where you are located or what issues you need help with, Reddit looks like a site we think landlords can turn to time and time again to get the answers they seek. If this sounds like the blog you’ve been searching for, don’t hesitate to visit.

Property Management Insider

Extremely professional, in-depth, and full of the latest industry information, Property Management Insider is a blog we feel every landlord should be taking a look at on a regular basis. Focusing on such areas as property management, revenue management, expense management, and apartment marketing, this blog is very well-respected within the property management industry. Aimed at making the job of landlords and property managers as easy as possible, many articles focus on how landlords can use the latest software and other technology to make their jobs easier on a daily basis. For example, this can include how to best use spreadsheets to help track various aspects of daily operations, how to use mobile technology to collect rent payments much faster, and other topics.

As an added bonus on this blog, landlords can find many helpful articles on important topics such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Housing laws, and even articles about how to generate additional income by adding automated vending machines to apartment complexes. Whatever the case may be, Property Management Insider is a blog we feel has much to offer today’s modern landlords. To look at the many topics it covers.

All Property Management

A very interesting blog, All Property Management focuses on some of the most diverse and timely topics we’ve seen in any property management blog. For example, it offers landlords articles on many topics related to the legal aspects of owning and managing properties, such as what’s involved when changing locks on apartments. However, it will then shift to such topics as how to help new tenants feel at home, the latest tips on purchasing property insurance, how to have effective landlord-tenant meetings, and how to create a top-notch fitness center at your apartment complex. With such a variety of topics, we think this blog is a must-see for landlords on a daily basis. In addition, it also has an extensive section on property law, and even an area where landlords can submit questions and have them answered by other property management professionals. To see for yourself,

Spark Rental

This blog is able to offer articles that break down many important topics into easy-to-understand articles for landlords.  Very interactive, this blog also has an extensive resources section, where landlords can find information about how to best screen potential tenants, the latest software to use for accounting and other tasks, and much more. Once you pay a visit to Spark Rentals You are sure to pick up many tips and tricks to help you look after your rentals and have more profit.



Property Management Blogs can be a great resource but, if you can’t find the information you are looking for or want to talk with a pro, we would love to help. you  Call us today for a chat. 530-410-6085

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