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Benefits of Having a Property Management

Having a Property Management Company for your Redding rentals. 

Whether you have purchased a rental property as an investment or have moved on to a second home, having a rental property can be a great way to earn extra income, increase equity, and take advantage of tax deductions. Who wouldn’t want to sit back and collect rent while someone else pays the mortgage? Many people think owning rental properties is an easy way to earn passive income. Unfortunately, this usually isn’t the reality.

Having a property manager makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of a rental property without the stress of actually being a landlord. Finding good tenants is one of the most important steps when renting homes and apartments. At Authority Property Management, we will do our best to find a tenant that will care for the property, pay their rent on time, and stay long-term. Screening tenants can be a difficult process. Proof of income, references, background checks and credit checks are all part of the screening process. We do our best to screen tenants while meeting all of the requirements of California rental property law. California rental laws can change on a yearly basis, we will find the best tenants while following all the proper legal guidelines.Authority Property Management Green Door

Finding good tenants is a huge piece of the puzzle, but before that can happen the property needs to be marketed and shown to prospective tenants. We have access to online and other marketing channels that a small mom-and-pop landlord may not have access to. We will make sure your rentals get in front of the most potential prospects. The rental process also requires knowledge of California tenant-landlord law. Leases need to be signed, paperwork needs to be dispersed, and rent and deposits need to be collected. Let us take care of the legal and record keeping aspects of renting out your property. Having someone like us take care of the entire rental process can save time and headaches.

Having a property management company can alleviate stress. Two of the most stressful aspects of being a landlord are collecting rent and taking care of repairs. Our property management company will handle these two unpleasant tasks for you, so you don’t have to stress. Having a property management company as a middleman who takes care of unpleasant tasks like asking for unpaid rent is a wonderful thing. No landlord wants to be in the awkward position of asking a tenant to pay their rent. Our professional property management company will handle this for you. We also handle unpleasant, legal procedures that go along with rent collection. If we have to we will serve three-day notices and take care of evictions. These are things no small landlord wants to deal with.

The other stressor that is the bane of most landlord’s existence are the repairs. Ironically, repair calls usually happen on a Friday night or a holiday weekend. No one wants to be woken up in the middle of the night Green Door And Window Authoritypm.combecause a tenant’s toilet is clogged. We not only handle repair calls, but we also have relationships with vendors and service people who can take care of the repairs. We also keep full records for tax and accounting purposes. Having a rental property is a wonderful way to earn extra income, but there are a lot of time and legal obligations that go along with caring for the property. A great way to enjoy the benefits of a rental property while avoiding the headaches is to let a quality property management company take care of your property services. Authority Property Management is located in beautiful Redding, California. We will meet all of your needs for Property Management Redding CA. We would love the opportunity to discuss our services. Give us a call at 530-410-6085


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Posted by: aaronrobertson on October 20, 2015