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5 tips for Keeping Pests Away


Avoiding pests

When it comes to keeping pests away from your rental homes or apartments, the best thing that you can do is to take intentional steps towards pest prevention rather than waiting until pests have invaded your rental properties. The most common reasons why pests make their way into homes or apartments are because the food is often left out, spills and crumbs are not cleaned up or swept up, or the trash is not disposed of on a regular basis. Making simple changes in your lifestyle at your home or apartment can be one of the most significant ways to keep pests out. So what are some action steps you can take towards pest prevention?pests2

Here are some great tips for keeping pests away:

  1. Do not leave food out – whether it is an unfinished meal or snacks left over from watching a movie on the couch, make it a habit to either seal it and put it away immediately or throw it in the trash right away. Food left out is one of the most common ways pests are drawn to peoples’ homes or apartments.

  2. Take the trash out regularly – in the same way that food that is left out will draw pests to your rental homes or apartments, trash that is left out will also draw pests to your rental homes or apartments because trash commonly contains food.

  3. Clean up spills and crumbs – this is one you have to be incredibly intentional about making a habit because often, spills and crumbs can go unnoticed. Our schedules can get so busy that we often put off cleaning the floors and don’t realize how bad they are getting until we find ourselves stepping in crumbs or messes that have been sitting there for days. Make an active effort of quickly sweeping and mopping around the house on a regular basis, especially underneath furniture.

  4. Seal your food – how clean are your pantries and cupboards? Are you stuffing chip bags and other types of food items into your cupboard that are left unsealed? Pests are very active in searching for food, and they are not prone to high places. Food that is left unsealed is a target for pests.                              bugs

  5. Hire someone to clean on a regular basis – if your schedule is so busy that you don’t think you can do these things on a regular basis, a great option is to hire someone who can spend time doing them for you. Hiring someone to clean on a regular basis will help in preventing pests from entering your rental home or apartment.

If you have followed these tips and suggestions and still are suffering from an invasion of unwanted pests, there are a lot of home remedy options to controlling pest issues, many of those options are tailored towards the type of pest invading your home or rental.  Identifying the type of pest is important to the method used especially when attempting to handle the issue yourself.  Of course, calling an expert is always a good idea if home remedies are not successful.


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Posted by: joline on March 28, 2016