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Solutions for landlords

What Solutions Authority Property Management Can provide for You

Are you a landlord? Do you find yourself frustrated and stressed out from trying to manage your rental properties? Are you looking for solutions?  Whether it is communicating with your tenants or dealing with maintenance and repairs, do you find yourself wishing there was a way that you could manage your rental properties while not having to deal with the stress of it all? Luckily, there is a solution for you, and that solution is to hire a property manager.
Property managers act on behalf of landlords and manage the stressful tasks that landlords are responsible for so that landlords can be stress-free while still renting out their properties. And that is what we do here at Authority Property Management, we offer solutions. As property managers in Redding and Shasta County, we manage hundreds of rental properties on behalf of landlords.Authority Property Management Redding CA.
So what can we actually do for you as your property managers? How can we actually reduce your stress as a landlord? What are the actual stressful tasks that we can take out of your hands? Here is a glimpse into what we can and will do for you if you choose to hire us as your property managers:
We provide rigorous tenant screening including:
* Income Verification
* Employment Verification
* Credit Checks
* Background Checks
We provide limited services including:
* Tenant Acquisition
* Contract Delivery
* Delivering Keys
* Full Accounting
We provide full-time management services including:
* Tenant Acquisition
* Rent Collection
* Coordinate Maintenance and Repairs
* Coordinate Vendors
* Delivering Legal Notices
* Pay Repair and Maintenance Bills
* Monthly Accounting
* Income and Expense Statements
* Direct Deposit to Your Bank Account
* Owner Access Internet Portal
When it comes to your tenants, we will not only help you acquire new tenants but will also do rigorous screenings for potential tenants. We want you to have great tenants who will be responsible when it comes to taking care of your property and paying their rent payments on-time. We will do this by running income and employment verification as well as running credit and background checks on all potential tenants. If you decide to hire us for full-time management, we will provide even more services such as coordinating and making payments for maintenance and repairs. We will handle all communication between you and your tenants, taking the stresses of conflict management out of your hands. We will find, hire, and schedule people to take care of maintenance and repairs on your behalf and will also make payments for those maintenance and repair costs. We will also provide accounting services and will help you with your income and expense statements to ensure that you are succeeding and profiting financially as a landlord.    solutions
If you are a landlord who feels like you would benefit from hiring a property manager and would like more information as to what other services we can provide, feel free to call us at Authority Property Management! We do property management in Redding and all over Shasta County and would love to help relieve your stress in any way we can! Call us at (530) 410-6085.


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Posted by: joline on February 20, 2017